Plus size chunky knit sweater; OOTD

I have never really hated my body, or felt it was unfair that I was built like a Clydesdale while all the other girls my age had the grace of Gazelle. The one thing that really frustrated about my size was how much more it costs me. You can buy a bra up to a small D cup for $25 at lingerie shops, but my size is always $50 or more. The clothing in the Junior section and fast fashion shops like Forever21 sell their cute dresses for under $30, but in the plus size and women’s section a similar dress would cost be $60 to $100.

What makes me so excited about this look is that this outfit features a plus size sweater that, not only was originally $70 but I got on sale for 75% off, it was cheaper to purchase the plus size version of this sweater than the straight size.

chunky sweater hat outfit plusLiz Claiborne plus sweater dusterlob long bob outfit sweater

There are two things to note about this chunky knit short sleeve sweater by Liz Claiborne. The first thing, is that Liz Claiborne has the same style sweater available in straight AND plus sizes. Usually a brand will either be straight or plus size. This means that if you aren’t straight sized, there is a good chance you will be stuck with god-awful prints and a limited selection in styles and fits. The positive size about department stores like JCPenny, is that it gives brands a chance to expand into markets and reach audiences they wouldn’t normally, at a single location. The second this, is that this plus size Liz Claiborne chunky knit knee-length sweater was actually CHEAPER than its straight size counterpart.

I first saw it back in November on the clearance rack but told myself I didn’t need it. You can even ask my Mom, I sent her a picture to see if she liked it. I came back to do some NYE dress shopping only to see it right where I left it. Coincidence? Maybe. Or it’s the fashion gods telling me I needed to buy this duster. So I did.

OOTD Details:

Dolce Vita platform booties – Nordstrom Rack – $40

Denim leggings – Old Navy – $35 (size 14)

White blouse – Stylzoo – gift

Chunky knit Liz Claiborne sweater – JCPenny – $17 (size 1x)

Braided bead necklace – H&M – $3

Silver cuff – H&M – $3

Maroon fedora – Burlington Coat Factory – $14

Black Rebecca Minkoff “Jules” bag, Black,One Size – Nordstrom – $420


Outfit total: about $559

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    1. Me too! I always feel like I never have enough. I just recently dusted off my old BCBG oversized knitted sweater. I forgot how hot it can be for such a holey garment.

    1. Hazzah! JCpenny is such an underrated department store. You can get clothes for such a great price, and the quality is higher than if you were to go to H&M or something.

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