Crop tops, flannel, and body image; OOTD

Body image. It changes from day to day. I shot this look a few weeks ago. In the mirror, the outfit made me feel amazing. I felt like a plus size advocate for everything that Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and the other a-line retailers never show us in their advertising campaigns. The California girl that goes outside, grabs food with her friends, shimmies down a rope attached to a small rock on the edge of a cliff and scours the tidepools at a hidden beach, is never a curvy girl with short hair brown hair, large thighs and a tummy. But she exists. Looking at the photos later that day, I didn’t feel that great about my body the way I did when I left the house..So I left the photos on the memory card and decided not to move forward with the look.

Looking at my outfit pictures for this week, I forgot I still had this look on my card. I flipped through the photos again, and unlike the first time, I actually liked them. I sat there questioning, what was it the first time that had me so ambivalent about this look? Body positivity isn’t a constant way of mind. I have good days and bad days. Some days I feel like Beyonce in that yellow dress taking a bat to a fire hydrant in Lemonade, and other days I feel like Elle Woods post breakup with Warner throwing chocolates at the television.

Crop tops & flannel

summer crop top fat plus tummy outfit hipstersummer crop top fat plus tummy outfit hipstersummer crop top fat plus tummy outfit hipster

The point is, positive body image is a journey. Loving yourself isn’t always going to be easy and you are going to have some bad days. Confidence is a funny thing that way.

OOTD details:

White Converse – Converse Outlet – $45

Light denim – Old Navy – $15

Wrapped crop top – Urban Outfitters – $20

Red and blue flannel – Target – $35

Brown felt fall hat – Forever21 – $12

Gold double heart necklace – Forever21 – $3


Outfit total: about $130


How I styled these pieces in other outfits:


    1. Thanks! I remember feeling really self conscious after looking at the photos the first time, but now I’m like “that look was great!”

    1. Thanks! I try not to. Sometimes the voice in your head gets to you. But I love this look and wear it often by just switching the crop top out with one of my several others 😂

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