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When winter rolls around, I’m on the hunt for wide calf boots that can keep my chunky legs warm and dry. It doesn’t rain often in Southern California but when it does it tends to pour. I have a few pairs of boots I refer to as ol’ faithful, specifically one pair of wide calf riding boots I have had forever.

I added a new pair of twins to my boot family. These wide calf and wide width boots from Avenue plus are 18 inches in the calf and have plenty of room to pair with jeans and boot socks. Since jeans aren’t really my thing, I decided to pair my new OTK wide calf boots with an asymmetric dress and my mom’s hooded emerald jacket she bought in the 80s.

Avenue Plus OTK wide calf boots Avenue Plus OTK wide calf boots Over the knee wide calf width avenue plus boots

I have 17 inch calves so finding wide calf boots is such a struggle. A lot of the times even the boots that are marked as “wide calf” are only up to 16 inches, and even at 17 inches sometimes its just too tight. I don’t get to style up boots with cute socks or even tights because there is just literally no room for any extra material. The real challenge thus far has been trying to find a pair of thigh-high boots in suede. Wide calf options seem to only stop just above the knee.

Struggles with finding OTK wide calf boots when you have thick legs

  • You can’t rely on the circumference of the boot when ordering online
  • You never really know where the top of the boot will hit depending on how long your legs are
  • Certain fabrics tend to look bougie if worn a tight skirt or dress, especially when you are thicker
  • Just because you get a wide calf boot, doesn’t mean it will also be wide width.

Maybe plus size footwear just isn’t up to speed like clothing retailers.

Over the knee wide calf width avenue plus boots Over the knee wide calf width avenue plus boots Over the knee wide calf width avenue plus boots

Flat boots vs. heeled boots

Personally, I like a low height flat heeled boots than stilettos. They are great for trekking through the mall and can offer almost the same comfort and support as Converse. I love how heels look on me but the practicality of it just isn’t doable. Unless I know I will be spending a whole day sitting at a table, desk, or couch, you will most likely catch me in flat shoes. OTK wide calf boots, like these black faux leather ones, add versatility and functionality to your wardrobe.

Playing dress up in my mom’s closet

As for this Lovori hooded emerald jacket, it is actually a keepsake of my mom’s. She bought this jacket when I was just one years old, which was 24 years ago. It is probably the nicest jacket she keeps in her closet and comes from her days when she lived, worked, and commuted from Queens to Manhattan. The jacket is a size small, but surprisingly the sleeves are no where near snug. I’m unable to close it but it makes a great layering piece for dramatic effect.

Avenue Plus OTK wide calf boots Over the knee wide calf width avenue plus boots Over the knee wide calf width avenue plus boots Avenue Plus OTK wide calf boots

Don’t let your wide calves keep you from indulging in fall and winter boot styles. Yes, it is frustrating to see all these beautiful trendy boot styles available for people with calves 13 inches and under, but there are options. More plus size retailers are offering their boot styles with bigger calf options. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could customize boots to the exact circumference of your calves? Until then, we have brands like Avenue, Torrid, Jessica London, and Payless that offers us some OTK wide calf boots in different styles.

OOTD Details:

Elena Over-the-knee boot – Avenue plus – gift ($89 but on sale for $30)

Club L Plus Rib Dress With Asymmetric Skirt And Keyhole Back – ASOS curve – $51 on sale for $28

Tear drop necklace – Forever21 – $1.80

Lorovi emerald winter coat – Macy’s – $100 (swiped from mom’s closet)


Outfit total: about $168.80

See how my fellow OC plus fashion style bloggers styled their Avenue plus boots:

Avenue plus Over-the-knee boots Avenue plus Over-the-knee boots Avenue plus otk boots

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