Casually curvy in a tucked t-shirt and jeans; OOTD

Amidst the pumps, peplum tops and dresses, I really live for casual-wear. The best way for a woman with curves to celebrate her body is to show off her curves in the best light. That usually does not include a t-shirt and jeans. When it comes to basic casual looks like this, it all comes down to utilizing curvy style hacks to dress it up.

I feel sexiest in a tucked t-shirt and jeans. When I am comfortable I am free to act like myself and be goofy and silly without worrying if my skirt is riding up or my bra is falling down.

Casually curvy in a tucked t-shirt and jeans

curvy tucked t-shirt jeans curvy tucked t-shirt jeans curvy tucked t-shirt jeans

The only issue I run into with casual-wear is the fit of the t-shirts. Because my boobs are so big the rest of the t-shirt tend to swim on me. Or I have the opposite problem, where it is vacuumed sealed to my stomach. To control the amount of fabric flowing around my mid section, I tuck a part of it into my jeans to show more leg and make my body appear more proportional.

OOTD Details:

Brown suede booties – EXPRESS – $40

Dark skinny denim jeans – EXPRESS – $60

Mint v-neck t-shirt – Madewell – $15

Pastel envelope clutch – boutique – 35 Euros

OMG bracelet – Pacsun – $2


Outfit total: about $150

Other casual t-shirt and jeans type outfits:


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  1. I seriously hate wearing jeans and t-shirts because I feel like they DON’T accentuate my best features. I’m a plus-size/in-betweener with a small chest and t-shirts just look silly on me. It’s so frustrating trying to find a casual look. But I think you’ve really nailed it with this outfit. Very cute.

  2. This outfit looks great on you! I wish I could do this but I can’t seem to find the right jeans/pants. If it’s the right fit up at the waist/crotch it’ll be way too lose and baggy at the knees (which looks awful). If it fits perfectly at the knees it can be too tight at the waist (muffin top, ick) or even worse, too tight at the crotch (camel toe, double-ick). Mostly I’ve been hiding my possible camel-toe by layering a long tank top with all my shirts , but I wonder if there’s something I’m doing wrong?? Maybe there’s certain underwear that can prevent camel toe?? Okay, sorry, TMI but this outfit looks adorable, wish I could do the same!

    1. It’s not you! It’s the jeans. Look for high-waisted or high-rise jeans like the ones I am wear. They sit just under the belly button. The crotch of the jeans are longer so you shouldn’t have to deal with camel toe. Play around with different brands and stores to see which ones you like best. I swear by Express jeans – I never end up with a saggy butt or saggy knees at the end of the day.

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