10 Curvy Bloggers You Should Follow

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I felt that my body type wasn’t represented in the blogosphere. There were two ends of a spectrum with one side being the built-like-a-model-like petite fashion blogger and the other side was the plus size and heavy-set fashion bloggers. But where are the curvy bloggers? I can find inspiration every where. Even though my body doesn’t look like theirs it doesn’t make their style any less stylish.

The thing that bummed me out is that I just didn’t feel represented. Here, we had the skinny and the size 28 but there wasn’t a representation for the in between, the grey area. After my feature on buzzfeed’s 18 Body positive Style Bloggers, I felt I should put together my own list.

follow curvy bloggers

Over the years, I have found other bloggers that I love to read and get inspiration from because they kind of fit that grey area. Now, I am not saying these bloggers are in between plus size and straight sizes, but I find that I am able to relate and see myself in their posts. They have a variety of styles ranging from preppy chic to edgy and vintage. The plus size world has done so much to revolutionize the fashion industry to make prettier clothes for bigger people. The bloggers on this list are fashionable proof that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and even the ones that aren’t a size 22 or a size 2 are still beautiful.

Here are 10 Fashion Bloggers you should follow:

1.Weesha’s World – this Dubai fashionista experiments with hair colors, has the most colorful and fun collection of bags and shoes, and is one of the few bloggers that publishes personal and thoughtful posts on weight, discrimination, her childhood and life.


2. Nadia Aboulhosn – this girl is f.i.e.rce. From sexy slinky dresses to revealing tops and high-waisted pants, she goes big or she goes home.


3. Preppy Panache – Rebecca keeps it simple with key pieces that bring the whole look together. Her style is preppy with a bit of city flair.


4. Love, Grey Skies – Tiffany is a beauty and fashion blogger, born and raised a New York girl. Her style is flirty feminine and always on point. Her outfits usually have a focal point, such as a killer bag, interesting shoe or awesome pattern.


5. Style and Sushi – If I were a really chill girl from the Netherlands…I would be Laura from Style and Sushi. Her style is laid back, warm and layered. You will catch many of her outfits sporting statement accessories like an awesome hat, or an oversized cardigan.


6. Style Enthusiast – Her style is everything I want to be all rolled up in to one. Sharp colored blazers, patterned trousers, skinny jeans and military jackets, this Nigerian fashion blogger and photographer plays with feminine looks and male-inspired outfits.


7. GabiFresh – Started out in Fashion Journalism and now has made fashion blogging her full time job. She is definitely one of my idols and bloggers that I have been following for quite some time. Her looks are hot, hot, hot!


8. Style By Nohea – Nohealani loves to add a bit of edge to her outfits. Spring florals? add a leather jacket. Summer flowing skirts? pair it with a beenie. She is not afraid to push the limit just enough to where it is still sweet.


9. Shapely Chic Sheri – this blogger puts together outfits that are completely doable from your closet. Practical pieces allow her outfits to go from day to night and can be mixed and matched with other pieces easily.

Plus Size White Blazer for Curvy girls

10. Graceful Glamour Girl– this California girl does casual and chic just right. Her outfits don’t drain your wallet and are just too charming. Her style is easy enough to dress up or down from day to night, and can be mixed and matched – the outfit possibilities are endless. Not to mention her collection of scarves is lovely.

graceful glamour girl


That about wraps up my top 10 fatshion in between-like bloggers you may want to check out. All of these bloggers offer something different and all their own. I am constantly looking to connect with other bloggers in the “limbo” of the fashion retail world. If you have any bloggers you enjoy pulling outfit inspiration from and is relatable, share it with us! It would be awesome to have a list of bloggers that represent the grey area of fashion blogging. For us who are not quite plus size, and not quite straight size – it’s nice to know that there are others out there.


See also my latest blogger roundup featuring Plus Size indie boho bloggers.


  1. I just saw this post…thank you so much! I am so happy that other people can see what I’m trying to accomplish! Keep up the awesome blogging!

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