Converse & layered plaid and denim shirts; OOTD

I am never more myself than when I am in Converse. Since I was in high school, I have always lived in Converse. There was a brief moment in time when I switched to Vans but they didn’t quite make the cut. This outfit pairs high-waisted lace shorts, layered┬áplaid and denim chambray, and Converse.

Heels are great, they make my legs look and feel amazing, my feet not so much. Flats are cute, fun and feminine. But sneakers, they are my favorite. I can walk, run, climb, play with my dog and walk around the grocery store without people staring at me. I love that bloggers and fashion trends are working functional footwear into their outfits.

I layered a plaid and denim chambray to stay warm during the mild Los Angeles winter. The lace shorts are delicate, almost too delicate for dirty Converse shoes. That’s why I think they go great together!

Converse & layered plaid and denim

layered plaid denim shirt winter layered plaid denim shirt winter layered plaid denim shirt winter

OOTD Details:

Black Converse – gift (I’ve had these since my sophomore year in high school)

Lace high-waisted shorts – Forever21+ – $20

Plaid button-up – FOrever21 – $45

Denim chambray – American Eagle – gift

Dainty tag necklace – American Eagle – gift


Outfit total: about $65

Other outfits styled with plaid:



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