Floral kimono & a corset crop top; OOTD

A while ago, I was contacted about how conservative I was for a body accepting/fat fashion blog. This email made me think of my own personal style and body issues. Where does a style blogger teeter between body consciousness and acceptance and taking fashion risks. I don’t hate crop tops and high-waisted shorts because I’m afraid of my body or because I’m self conscious of what other people are going to say about me. A part of style is finding what you like, what works best for you and what makes your feel comfortable.

I don’t try and hide my body but I don’t put it all out there like a lot of other style bloggers. In this case, I took a moment to take a couple of photos of my outfit that I wore to the beach recently to get lunch with a friends. Personally, I don’t think this outfit is one I would wear to any other scenario as it wouldn’t be appropriate. But I don’t spend all day everyday hiding behind blazers and trouser pants.

Floral kimono corset crop top plus outfit Floral kimono corset crop top plus outfit Floral kimono corset crop top plus outfit

OOTD Details:

Tasseled sandal – Nordstrom Rack – $15

Acid washed high-waisted shorts – Forever21+ – $20

Lace bralette – Fred Meyer – $10

Envelope clutch – SUSU handbags – gift

Janelle Red Pendant necklace – Rue Gembon -gift

Sunglasses – Old Navy – $12

Floral Kimono – Forever21 – $21


Outfit total: about $78

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  1. i understand what you mean. just cause you are a plussize blogger doesnt mean you have to do what everyone else is doing, if they feel comfortable wearing that, thats good. wear what you feel comfortable it. forcing to run around however is not what its about!

  2. It took me months to get the courage to wear a crop top myself also. I love it how this one looks on you because you’re right, it’s all about finding what your comfortable in while accentuating your body.

  3. I don’t understand why people thought that. I think the fact that you have a style blog shows body positivity because most bigger girls don’t like taking pictures or use the joke “stand next to someone bigger than you”. Also, smaller girls choose not to wear crop tops and people don’t say their not confident about their style. Crop tops are a very trendy item right now so it all comes down to personal style.

  4. Love your blog! I do know exactly what you mean. Although I am not considered plus size, there are still some things that I don’t wear because whilst it may look cute on someone else, I don’t feel comfortable in certain fashion wear. I think the confidence is the #1 accessory to wearing an outfit. If you don’t feel confident, no matter how cute the outfit is, it just doesn’t get the wow factor. Keep doing you hun!

    Oh, I love the kimono!

  5. Hi I am a new reader! I’m not quite almost-plus-size but I am not thin either (I’m short with big thighs/hips/booty) and I would always get frustrated that all “style” related things were of tiny, skinny teenagers so I could never imagine how things would look on me. And I’m much too small for most plus-size fashions. So happy to find this site!

    Anyway, in regards to this post, I don’t get it. So to be body confident you have to dress provocatively? I for one prefer a more modest, classy, classic style anyway! With that said, this outfit does look really great on you! POW POW POW! I agree that you couldn’t and shouldn’t wear it most places, but it’s great to see that us shapely women COULD pull off some daring trends if we wanted! I like most that it fits you well and you aren’t just trying to squeeze into some teeny clothes, like lots of women do!

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