Exploring the San Diego Safari Park

Thanks to ScoreBig I got to barter for the price of my ticket for the San Diego Safari Park. Yes, I said barter. You know me, I’m frugal. I’m a penny pincher and always looking to save a buck. So when I saw that ScoreBig (an event ticketing site based on location) lets you haggle the price of your ticket, I had to play!

I got two tickets to the wild animal park for $90! Ok, so I only saved two dollars..but savings is savings. See, I was afraid they would reject my offer so I I didn’t want to haggle too low. When you enter the price you want to pay, there is a thermometer that will tell you how likely it is that they will take your price for, pretty nifty if you ask me.

Visiting the San Diego Safari Park:

san diego safari parkI only ever been to the San Diego Safari park one other time. About four years ago I volunteered for the Safari Park Half Marathon with some of my sorority sisters. Waking up at dawn and seeing the bats fly around at sunrise really gives the park a romantic, almost sub Saharan feel.

I recommend the Safari Park over the San Diego Zoo any day. Yes, the zoo is bigger and has more animals..but what the Safari Park does that the zoo doesn’t is that it turns the entire park into an experience. Kind of like how Disneyland is an experience from the minute you enter the gate. The Safari Park is interactive, themed and does a lot to make you feel like you are entering the habitat of the terrifying Bengal Tiger. My favorite part was after the African Tram tour.

We stopped by “The watering hole” to grab a drink and a snack too. The Watering Hole is situated right above the African plain under a tent. You really feel like you are hanging out in Africa sipping a cocktail. If you can’t make it to the Safari, let the Safari come to you.




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