5 Styling Hacks for Curvy girls

You can change an outfit with just a few tucks and twists. Finding styling hacks when you are curvy can be hit or miss. Rolling my jeans can work with the right shoes, but sometimes it just makes me look dowdy. Styling hacks can make your clothes go further by making outfits feel like new again.

This season you won’t need to put away the summer clothes because you can adjust your wardrobe to suit any weather and occasion. No need to overhaul your clothes you can make a few changes to alter your outfits and create whole new looks.

Curvy girl styling hacks

Cuff your Jeans

The best way to show off your killer heels and platforms is by rolling your jeans up. Quickly transform your basic blouse and jeans into an instant casual outfit by rolling up your jeans, just once into a large cuff. See how I rolled my maroon jeans to create some length.

rolled up jeans styling hacks

Roll Up your Sleeves

You can get inexpensive chiffon blouses from Forever21 and H&M nowadays, it seems like almost every fashionista has at least 3 or 4 of these sheer button-ups in their closet. Rather than keeping your sleeves resting on your wrists, utilize the button midway on the sleeve and roll up your sleeves to show a little more skin. I find that a lot of trendy blouses tend me make me look wider when the sleeves are down. To help make my outfits a bit more playful and fitted, I roll my sleeves up.

rolled sleeves styling hacks

Button up

This goes against everything I say about elongating your neck to appear taller and leaner, but to change up your look try buttoning up your shirt to the collar. Buttoning your shirt up to your collar allows you to sport your statement necklace without having it clash with your cleavage.

statement necklace styling hacks

Tuck in your Shirt

Fashion bloggers love to indulge in the tuck. Tuck your shirt into your skater skirt, pencil skirt, jeans, high-waisted shorts, or trousers. You can even tuck your shirt several different ways.

There is the front tuck, where you just tuck in the front into the area around the button and zipper, letting the rest of the shirt hang effortlessly. There is the half tuck, where you take half of the front of your shirt and tuck it into the top of your pants. The full tuck is a great way to elongate the legs and keep the outfit clean and put together.

tucked shirt styling hacks


Zippers are a creative way to play with fit and style. If you have them on your shorts, give your legs some breathing room. Unzip the sides of your shorts for a casual and playful look. Layer lace accents under pieces you unzip to give a sexy bit of spice to your outfit without giving it all away. Or unzip the back of a dress completes and turn it into a skirt.

Unzip a dress and turn it into a skirt


Maybe it’s because I am frugal. Maybe it is because I haven’t been getting the urge to shop. Finding hacks to make your outfits work and add to your personal style makes me happy. Next time you are in an outfit you are not 100% sure about. Think about how you can hack what you are already wearing to make you feel confident. Take on the world as the confident in between girl you are!

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  1. These are the perfect ways to make a really casual outfit look more, flattering, feminine and stylish as well, which I love! Next time I wear a short skirt I’m buttoning up with a statement necklace on top for balance – thanks!

  2. Buttoning up a shirt and adding a statement necklace is such a good idea. I’m so used to leaving the top 2 or 3 buttons undone on most of my shirts that I usually forget that I can actually style it with all the buttons done! 🙂

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