Vintage boho lace mini dress; OOTD

I rarely see inspiration for us plus size fat girls in the hippie, bohemian “festival” type outfits. Since making the move from Seattle to Southern California, I find a lot of the old style rules I lived by are falling to the wayside. The weather and culture here has me adopting a more “SoCal” type ways of dressing. My latest SoCal inspire outfit features a lace mini dress.

Most bohemian chic items are way out of my budget. But with a little help from Amazon and trying on a ton of festival type clothing, I have been able to find the types of clothing from this style that I like but at an affordable price. Now I did take a chance on ordering from one of those online Asian stores, but when it’s only $10, I wouldn’t be angry if it didn’t fit.

Styling a lace mini dress

plus size fat bohemian hippie festival style ootd plus size fat bohemian hippie festival style ootd

This sheath lace mini dress has no underlining, and its seems are a bit frayed but I think it adds to the lived in, drifter attitude this style tends to portray. The fabric is actually really soft, not restricting at all and would fit a wide range of women of all sizes.

OOTD Details:

Vintage hippie boho lace mini dress – Amazon – $10 (the link I used to buy mine is Out of Stock, but I did find a similar one, if not the exact same, for half price.)

Suede studded booties – EXPRESS – $50

Blue scalloped shorts – Anthropologie – $20

Cream tank top – Charlotte Russe – $5

Sunglasses – Forever21 – $5

Bangle – Mimi’s the look – gift

Earrings – Rome flea market – $1


Outfit total: about $91

If you liked this outfit, you can find more “boho” type outfits here:

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lace mini dress outfit


  1. Thanks for challenging the stereotypes. Hippies came — and still come — in all varieties, and the style was hardly what we see portrayed. When it came to “fashion,” we were all about comfort first — dressing from the inside out. Looks were a secondary consideration.
    And you look very comfortable — and confident — here.

  2. I really love your style & blog!! As a fellow in between girl you’ve taught me how to dress/love my body so thankyouu! You should totally do Youtube OOTD videos or something!

  3. I love it! Do you by any chance have the link where you bought it? I’m going to Coachellafest and would love something as flowy and comfortable as this!

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