Fat people need to earn the right to eat

One of my favorite social media platforms to use is Tumblr. The community is fantastic. The people who make up the Tumblr-verse just seem to get you. Every person seems to find those who share their interest and they come together to reblog and favorite body positive photos, favorite stories of women overcoming fat hate in real life, and comments with encouraging messages.

Every once in a while you will find a message that just strikes a nerve. I found a post where someone had posted a photo of a fat person at some fast food restaurant and had a ton of comments about said person’s life style and bad choices because they were fat, how dare they eat fast food.

When you are fat, you need to earn the right to eat

It made me think about how that same mentality may have affected me in my life. Too often I find myself eating unhealthy things and justifying them with “it’s ok I had a salad for lunch.” I’ll choose a cupcake for a snack and justify it with “I worked out four times this week.” The truth is, I shouldn’t have to justify my actions. Unfortunately, as a fat person, people automatically persecute you for eating. But as a fat woman. it’s like I need to earn my right to eat.

earn the right to eat

“The reality is that fat people are often supported in hating their bodies, in starving themselves, in engaging in unsafe exercise, and in seeking out weight loss by any means necessary. A thin person who does these things is considered mentally ill. A fat person who does these things is redeemed by them. This is why our culture has no concept of a fat person who also has an eating disorder. If you’re fat, it’s not an eating disorder — it’s a lifestyle change.” — Lesley Kinzel

Next time you see a fat person, don’t ridicule them or don’t jump to conclusions.  Don’t persecute a plus size omwn and think to yourself that it’s ok because she’s fat. Because it isn’t. Just mind your own business. If you want to see how these types of behaviors can affect someone, watch My 600 lb life on TLC.


  1. I do this too….. I also feel the need to justify myself to my thinner friends which comes from me and not from them and I hate it that I do that. But you made me realize that I’m not the only one justifying to myself and others and that it’s not necessary too, I needed a wake-up call I guess 🙂

    1. It’s like my automatic response to say “sorry” even when i didnt do anything. Even yesterday after yoga i took a second waffle and heard myself justifying it in my head. If i want the waffle, eat it. Some times the hardest person on us is ourself.

  2. Hello Bianca!

    I found your blog while searching for images that were similar to my body type. I am an in-between girl, too, you see (flat chested, tiny shoulders, super long hands, wide hips, short legs… ). So glad to have found your blog. I love it. It is so greatly positive and cheerful and sensitive all together!

    I used to be friends with a person, and after 1-2 months of spending time together (we were 15/16yo) I invited her to come over to my house for dinner. She came, and my mother was there. My mother is overweight, not terribly so, but she is. She served the food and sat with us for dinner, being superfriendly and accommodating as she always is. My “friend” didn’t eat a bite. After we left the kitchen, she told me: “I despise fat people, when I see them eat, it makes me want to puke, sorry about your mom but it was disgusting”. Ever since I promised myself I would keep trying for a more accepting world, even if it was my own little world 🙂

    1. Wow please tell me you guys aren’t friends anymore. That is my goal too, a world that is just more accepting about people’s physical differences and even life style choices as long as it doesnt infringe on someone else’s right, right?

      1. Well, it’s been ~10years since then and naturally, I couldn’t keep on being friends with her because it made me feel so awful. When I hear people judging a person on the clothes they are wearing it and their bodytype makes me angry (I saw on tumblr the other day a photo from Cosmopolitan, an article “you should wear a crop top ONLY IF YOU HAVE A 100% FLAT stomach”, wtf? ). So if someone has crooked legs they should always wear long pants? If they have big ears they should wear beanies to hide them? What kind of logic is this?

        1. it’s a strange world we live in where everyone wants to be treated with love and respect and equality but then don’t want to treat others with the same. I always say if you haven’t met a nice stranger yet, be one for someone else.

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