Plaid, fur, gold loafers & a wood watch; OOTD

San Diego is currently experiencing June Gloom. It’s a term that most natives know and drop into conversations regularly, but us non natives are just like “what?” June Gloom is when an intense layer of clouds take over the skies resulting in sporadic drizzling, chilly nights and warm days. But the big thing is, the clouds don’t let up. It is non stop clouds for two week sometimes months.

This outfit is inspired by the June Gloom weather we have been having. Honestly, it was far too warm to wear both the vest and the plaid. I wasn’t even wearing and undershirt and I was still sweating. But for the sake of this look I had to photograph it before changing into something a little less sweat-provoking.

Plaid, fur, gold loafers & a wood watch

Plaid fur wood watch
Top knot game is strong today

Plaid fur wood watch

This OOTD features my new Jord wood watch. It is an all wood watch made from Maple. It’s both classic but interesting. The interface isn’t anything special, it has an hour hand and a second hand and it tells you the time. But what makes it cool is the fact that it is made completely out of wood! I could see this watch being worn so many different ways, I wanted to do something corporate with it (blazer and slacks, but nah) then I could have gone flower child with it but I felt that was too predictable. This looks is doable by any person with the items they already have in their closet. You can switch out the fur vest for a leather vest, or even a denim vest, switch the jeans out for leather leggings etc.

OOTD details:

Gold Ivanka Trump loafers – Buffalo Exchange – $30

Indigo straight-leg denim – Kohls – $20

Plaid shirt – Ross – $15

White faux fur vest – Burlington Coat Factory – $20

FieldCrest Zebrawood and Maple wood watch – Jord watch – gift 

Beaded “Often wander” bracelet – Often Wander -$25

“Shine one” necklace – gift

Generic sunglasses – free (from a booth at an event)


Outfit total: about $110


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