Delizioso di mare; a love affair in the Amalfi Coast

This is my food appreciation post for my latest adventure to the Amalfi coast.  I spent a week exploring the restaurants, food stalls, boutique eateries and grocery shops in Sorrento, Italy. I was there in the middle of May, and the weather was just divine. It wasn’t too hot, not too cold, and the rain and wind came in spurts. The wind at one point did prevent us from entering Grotto Azurra in Capri, but we were willing to shell out the money for a second trip the next day when the water wasn’t too choppy.

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Being that the peninsula was bathed in sun often and rarely cloudy, it made for plenty of time for adventures. Both exploratory adventures and food adventures.

I can’t really offer advice for where to eat. But I can definitely share with you some of the food I ate that was absolutely fantastic. As well as some tips that you can use when finding a place to eat in a highly tourist focus area.

Here is a look at some of the delicious seafood and yummies I ate in Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento:

Pasta in Amalfi Coast

pasta amalfi coast
From left to right: Gnocchi, pasta carbonarra, pappardelle with mushrooms, seafood ravioli with rocket

Cheesy goodness in Amalfi

amalfi coast food
From left to right: Mozzarella antipasti from Inn Buffalito, Arrancini, Margherita pizza from Naples


Yummy seafood dishes in Amalfi

sea food grilled italian italy sorrento positano amalfi
From left to right: Grilled seafood, squid ink pasta with seafood, mussels


Sweet and fruity Amalfi Coast desserts

sweets desserts zagara amalfi italy
From left to right: Fresh squeezed orange juice, ricotta pastry

Getting good quality food can be hard, especially in a place that is drowning in tourists and the locals don’t speak English too well. The good news is that you know you found a good place to eat when you have to point at what you want because the waiter’s English isn’t too good. Here are some tips to find better quality food and avoid falling into the tourist restaurant trap, you know, over priced, watered down, runny, bland, mediocre food.

Food traveler’s tips for eating in the Amalfi Coast

  1. Take note of which way all of the tourists are walking, where the attractions are, and where the gifts shops are, now head the opposite way. If you think you could get lost, good. The best food is often hidden in places away from the tourist traps. If “American-friendly” food is on the menu or there is a kids menu, get out!
  2. Look for menus on chalkboards. This is a good indicator that the ingredients are seasonal (and fresh) and the menu is changed often where printed menus would cost too much to change.
  3. Find a local, and ask them where to eat. Don’t ask your concierge. I found that a lot of the hotels were suggesting the same 3 restaurants in the area. All of which were on the main road in the “square.”
  4. If you see local families eating there, grab a seat.

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