5 Lessons learned from my first DIY Brazilian wax

Recently I had a very entertaining group chat session with some of my girlies. One of them was going in to get a Brazilian and her armpits waxed. It wasn’t her first time but it was the first time any one of my friends have mentioned that they get it done. I have always contemplated waxing over shaving. I have been a fan of the convenience of shaving for a long time. But something about hearing someone else talk about what it is really like candidly sold me on trying DIY Brazilian waxing for the first time.

do it yourself home wax

DIY Brazilian waxing starter kit

This became one of those times where I spontaneously found myself standing at the checkout.  There I stood at Sally’s Beauty Supply with Gigi’s salon waxing kit and 2 tubs of Hard Wax in hand. My friends  responded with “you are crazy.” I did do some internet searches to educate myself better and pick up some tips for waxing but there are some things that these posts don’t really share with you about the reality of do-it-yourself waxing.

gigi professional home waxing kit

I decided to DIY wax my first Brazilian and armpit session at home. I DIY waxed all by myself without ever having seen or felt a professional do it for me. I now realize this may not have been the smartest idea, but as a blogger I always feel like anything you could ever want to know can be found somewhere on the internet.

Also, when it comes to beauty related things I have a very can-do attitude and it is a robbery how much someone will charge you for something like this. $85 for a single session plus tip when I can get a whole year’s supply on my own? I’ll pass. I am also a bit uneasy with showing myself off to complete strangers. A doctor is one thing, they are looking into the science of it all but to a complete stranger who is there to do some beautification.. I would rather them not see me in this state. After doing it myself I realize i would not have wanted to put an esthetician through the physical and verbal abuse of being their client.

Let me just say, no matter how many reviews you read on the internet, nothing will prepare you for the pain you feel the first time you wax after 8-10 years of shaving.

5 Lessons learned from my first DIY Brazilian wax

  1. Invest in your waxing materials and tools. I used to wax my upper lip hair using the small pot of the microwavable wax from CVS. The microwavable stuff is a lot more trouble than it was worth. Going back and forth to warm up the wax, then the wax wouldn’t come off all the way. I didn’t want to have to deal with the same especially for such a large area of hair. I went to my local salon beauty supply shop and picked up GiGi Mini Pro All-Purpose Hair Removal Starter Waxing Kit that comes with the warmer, 14 oz of sensitive creme wax, the strips, and 4 different solutions for pre-waxing and post wax, and the applicator sticks.
  2. Take Ibuprofen. I have no idea what a DIY wax would feel like without pain killers. If it is worst then what I felt after taking it, then I would absolutely not skip this step. Wait 30 minutes to an hour after taking it so that it has time to absorb into your system.
  3. Minimize the amount of moving you will be doing. Due to the stickiness, redness, and pain I suggest setting up in an area where everything is at arm’s length. Rearrange furniture if you need to. Make sure your mirror, wax warmer, strips, sticks, and bag for disposal are in arms length. Wax has a tendency to leave sticky residue behind. Then standing up when the area is sensitive can result in your skin sticking together. Having to unstick your thigh from your pelvis HURTS.
  4. Wax with your breath. Your body tenses up when you are anticipating pain. After pulling off a few strips, your mind will try everything to convince yourself not to pull another strip. If you wax whilst exhaling it makes the pain a bit more tolerable.
  5. Get someone to do it for you. Finally, when i got to the upper area I had to enlist some help. If you are too self conscious to expose yourself to a stranger, find a friend who has had it done before. Or, find someone who you know won’t judge you to help.

DIY home brazilian wax

If I could go back and pay to have my first time done by a professional, I would have. At least have a professional do it for the first time. Because you are waxing several years of hair regrowth, it is more painful than your third or fourth time. It really tests your pain threshold, guys.

Get started with your own at-home DIY Brazilian waxing kit

Restock your at-home DIY Brazilian waxing supplies


  1. Wow I forgot just how thick hair is when you’ve been shaving it. The good news is it will get thinner and softer quickly with each wax so it won’t be so much of a big deal after a while. Saying that I only wax my arms not down there, although I might start tidying up just the top of my bikini line by waxing, maybe. I couldn’t imaging waxing the hollow part between my bits and my thighs OMG!

  2. Thanks for the honest appraisal of waxing vs. shaving. Perhaps DIY and Brazilian should not be in the same sentence? 🙂

  3. Just another quick tip, if you get wax stuck on your skin and it’s not coming off use baby oil to get it off. That’s always worked for me! Only thing is that you can’t wax over that area once you’ve put oil on it. And I’m not sure if it works with all types of wax…

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