Back to School: 1 pair of brown booties styled 6 ways

With school rearing up again and you girlies are going back to the books. With days in the classroom, afternoons in the student cafe, and nights at the library, you need outfits that are quick, affordable, easy to put together, and to mix and match to get you from your dorm to the classroom and to your late night study groups. The best shoe to get you around: brown booties.

My favorite fall trend that I can never live without is the brown (or tan) bootie. Brown booties go with everything and they instantly warm up an outfit without taking it over the top. If you opt for one with a little heel you can still be comfortable, add some length to your leg and still walk from one end of campus to the other.

Here is one pair of booties styled six different ways:

plus size outfit fall brown booties boots navy cream
These outfits can easily be recreated with a cream long-sleeve shirt, jeans, a navy skirt, or a striped dress and a navy blazer.
brown booties plaid black t-shirt denim plus size fat fall autumn
These outfits can easily be recreated with a black button-up and a plaid shirt. Mix and match with a t-shirt, and jeans or a lace skirt.

These all make great first-week back at school outfits, or even Monday outfits. Booties do not take much effort to style, and can be reused for other outfits. Swap out jeans with leggings if you hate waistbands ( I know I do).

If that’s not good enough, here are 5 more outfits:

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fall booties outfit inspiration


    1. I wear this sheer boho mini dress with almost everything. I can’t believe at $10 Amazon purchase would last this long and give me this much wear out of it.

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