Bewitching in blue, black & 80s inspired glasses; OOTD

After throwing on this look, I remember leaving the house feeling “ugh.” At the time of realization, I was already five minutes late and I didn’t have time to find a new outfit. I wished I would have had some 80s inspired glasses to help my poor vision on this look.

When I looked in the mirror, I felt witch-y looking. It could have been the dark color palette topped off with the hat, but I did not feel as cute as I thought I did. It took seeing my photos through a camera lens to appreciate this bewitching look. I am so used to pairing my navy blue pieces with brown that the black accessories felt heavy. I balanced the darkness of the outfit with these rose colored 80s inspired glasses I got from Firmoo, and a light blue necklace.

Styling 80s inspired glasses with an all blue and black outfit

blue black 80s inspired glasses witch blue black 80s inspired glasses witch blue black 80s inspired glasses witch

These glasses are my new favorite. I have replaced my brand-name Ray Ban glasses with these prescription 80s inspired glasses from Firmoo. This pair of rose colored glasses fit nicely on my nose. The lenses are so large that I don’t get that obnoxious issue of having my line of sight cut off when looking up.

Want a pair for yourself? Upload your prescription along with facial dimension (you can get that from your eye doctor) and get them here. You can virtually try them on by selecting your face shape. I found that for my round face I prefer larger square glasses to balance out the roundness of my face.

OOTD Details

Black peep-toe booties – Payless Shoe source – $20

Navy skater dress – Forever21 – $10

Black biker vest – Stylzoo – gift

Blue thread necklace – gift

Silver turquoise-jeweled bangles – Forever21 – $10

Black hat – Urban Outfitters – $40

Pink unisex 80s inspired glasses – Firmoo – gift


Outfit total: about $80

See how I styled this wide brimmed fall hat in other outfits:


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    1. It’s crazy how I can think i look fantastic one day and then put on the same outfit a week later and be like “what was I thinking?” I guess it’s proof that beauty is all in our heads 😀

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