Bodycon dress styled for day wear; OOTD

I love me a good curve-hugging hip-kissing bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses tend to be restricted territory for several plus size ladies because they are afraid of it highlighting areas they would like to hide. Bodycon dresses are not for the self conscious and weak of heart. Usually they are brought out of the closet for a night on the town, dancing at clubs, grabbing drinks at bars…night time festivities.

But you can actually wear them in the day time. If you pair them down with flat shoes and layer it with a plaid shirt (great for Fall), a denim chambray, a scarf and or some chunky necklaces, they are great for daytime.

bodycon dress fat thick plus bodycon dress fat thick plus bodycon dress fat thick plus

I originally wore this flannel, sleeves rolled up and left un-buttoned but it got so hot I had to take it off. Thank goodness no one makes fun of you for having to wrap sweaters around our waists anymore. When did this even come back in style? I’m just glad I don’t have to carry my sweaters anymore when it is too hot out.

OOTD Details:

White Converse – Converse – $50

Grey bodycon dress – Stylzoo – gift

Red and blue flannel shirt – Target – $30

Long pendant necklace – H&M – $3

Bangles – Forever21 – $7

Circular ozzy ozbourne aviator style sunglasses – Thrifted


Outfit total: about $90

See how I work the tied flannel trend in other outfits:


  1. Heyyyy!! I found your blog tonight and just LOVE it! I’m an “in-betweener” too, and have been thinking about making my blog more in that vein. I’m so glad I’m not alone- I have to tailor a LOT of my clothes! You’re gorgeous and keep doing you!

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