Bring back the 90s bandana tops; OOTD

One of my favorite trends for Spring is bandana tops. The 90s was a terrible era for style and fashion, especially for us curvy girls. We weren’t projected very well in the media and most of my idols rocking 90s fashion tended to be the funny fat girl who no one liked but tolerated. Most of the punchlines seemed to come from making fun of fat people and to further make us feel great about ourselves they were usually dressed in head-to-toe tacky couch patterns. Ok, so much of the 90s sitcoms dressed like that but the 90s grunge, crop tops, ripped tights and mom-jeans were not a look that adorned the funny fat friend.

Now it’s the 2010s and 90s fashion is attainable by plus size girls and man do we rock it. This bandana style cut is modern and great for spring. I have a few dresses with this style (my Calvin Klein dress and my Urban outfitters dress) too, it really accentuates your shoulder.

Bring back the 90s bandana tops

90s denim bandana top outfit fall90s denim bandana top outfit fall90s denim bandana top outfit fall

This denim top is also great to go with denim-on-denim outfits. I don’t own any jeans in this color so it is easy to pair with darker wash jeans or even light ankle-length skinny pants.

OOTD Details:

Brown ankle booties – EXPRESS – $69

White Lilly Pulitzer shorts – Target – $30

Denim bandana top – Old Navy – $30

Cobalt necklace – Charlotte Russe – $15

Maroon fedora – Burlington Coat Factory – $14

Gold cuff – Urban Outfitters – gift


Outfit total: about $158


  1. Hi! I found your blog searching for photos of curvy girls in shorts, because I have thick legs myself (to be honest, I think I have a similar body to yours) and every summer I wear long pants which is a torture sometimes. I really like outfits with shorts and I’ve always dreamt about wearing them, but I am extremely insecure. You have inspired me to go and buy a pair of shorts. You look stunning and I hope I can look at least half as good as you in short pants, although my skin is not so perfect to be shown in public ;-(

    1. What is perfect? We’re all little works of art running around wearing the scars of our battles. I mean, besides the horrid feeling of thighs-sticking-to-restaurant-booths the worst part really is walking long distances and dealing with chub rub. Just wear them a little bit at a time. Like ones to get the mail, then to the grocery store, and to pick up your friend from the airport. Soon you’ll feel more comfortable. (That’s my strategy for crop tops still)

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