A sports bra fit for the balancing game; OOTD

I have recently moved to a new city and with that I am finding myself both solemn and excited with new possibilities. Unlike my last place, I am going to fill this new one with beautiful living things, like these ivy plants and succulents. Did you know having plants in your home promotes higher spirits and better mental health?

The one downside about my new home, is how hot it gets! I am definitely missing the San Diego breeze. Now, household activities and chores are a real sweat session. I don’t like sweating in my bras (Hello, when you have big boobs, bras are not cheap) so I opt to wear sports bras around the house. But not just any sports bra, since big chested women’s sports bras are like a utility sling, I wear light sports bra with minimal support so I can stay comfortable and still get things done.

A sports bra fit for the balancing game

sports bra plus size yogasports bra plus size yoga mandala pantssports bra plus size yogasports bra plus size yoga

This bra is my favorite from Old Navy and was on clearance for $4! I loved them so much I bought two. I wear these suckers under loose tank tops too for running errands, or grabbing coffee. It gives an effortless comfort look that most straight sized women can capture with a bralette.

OOTD Details

Light support sports bra – Old Navy – $4

Mandala palazzo pants – Stylzoo – gift

Tropical foliage – Home Depot – $5 each


Outfit total: about $4


  1. Enjoy your new home. I live in the desert and wear nothing but dresses in the summer. Natural air conditioning works best for me. New favorite this year eyelet cream sleeves dress. On sale at Macy’s for $91.99. Worth the splurge.

    1. Air conditioning is something I need to get used to. It’s supposed to be in the hundreds this weekend. Definitely not something I am used to.

  2. Good luck to you in your new place. Ahhh. I can remember sweaty days of yore when I lived in a non-airconditioned apartment in NYC. Ouch! But that bra is great–and even greater because it was only four bucks. One of the reasons I throw a lot of love in Old Navy’s direction! Love the pants too!

    1. Yes! Old Navy can have my money! The fact that their clothes have a wide range of fit/styles and sizes but are also of a good price is fantastic.

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