RealiTEA of diet teas & why you need Teavery

Always a fan of tea, I never quite knew how to step out of the realm of green teas. Herbal, green, jasmine, black, teas; I always stuck to what I knew I liked. I recently signed up for a Teavery, a tea club that introduces all sorts of new types of tea with a monthly package on my doorstep. Getting out of my comfort zone is never easy, unless it literally appears on my doorstep and is as easy and 3 minutes in hot water.

My beginnings with weight loss slimming tea

Anyone who has been on a diet can pinpoint somewhere in their lifestyle change where they started drinking tea. I think mine was about 10 years old. Around 10 years old I started drinking cups of hot green tea before school and after school as a way to speed up my metabolism. Like many chunky kids in America, my diet started early on in life. Then, I discovered slimming tea. Around 12 years old I found slimming tea at the grocery store and was excited by the idea of dropping the pounds fast. I still remember the box, it was emerald green with the silhouette of a skinny busty woman on the top, kind of like the girl stickers you see on the back of trucks.

slimming tea senna diet detox stomach

After a year of drinking slimming tea, I had ruined my digestive system.

*warning may be a bit graphic* I specifically remember sitting in a school assembly in 6th grade, my stomach was gurgling like a toilet that someone tried to flush a diaper down. For the past month or so, I had been running to and from the bathroom trying to handle my upset stomach. This moment in the assembly, as I saw my fellow classmates staring at me as my organs were trying to claw out of me from my butt..I knew I had to stop drinking this detox tea.

The effects lasted me for months after I stopped drinking it too. 10 years later, I am scrolling through Instagram only to see slimming tea repackaged as this fit detox tea that is supposed to aid in weight loss. No thanks to high profile celebrities, fitness models and yogis promoting it. Yes, it will help you lose weight, but only because your are sh*tting your guts out. Fast forward to today and instead I drink tea for the pleasure of it.

Me and Teavery

I discovered Teavery a while ago when I was reading “The Beautiful and the Damned” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was like 9:30 PM and I wanted a cup of tea but all I had was green tea. The caffeine would have kept me up all night, so I instead I drank warm water with a lemon in it (not quite the same). I wanted to try new types of tea but besides chamomile, I didn’t know where to start. I ordered a few samples from the site and was pleasantly surprised. Green tea, is not the only good tea out there. I also got a cool steeper bottle so I can bring tea with me while I am out walking (A great addition now that Pokemon Go has me walking everywhere).

teavery tea steeper bottle

I still drink green tea regularly both warm and iced. But I also mix it up with herbal teas and other classic teas like oolong and jasmine. I use fruity herbal teas as a replacement for sugary soft drinks during summer. I like to make a large pitcher of loose leaf ginger peach rooibos tea (great for digestion). Sometimes I will make hibiscus white mint tea and keep it in the fridge and pour it over ice. It makes staying focused on my weight loss and health journey easier. Knowing that I have flavored no-calorie drinks available in the fridge makes staying hydrated a breeze. Unlike low calorie flavoring powders, like crystal light, tea has health benefits that go past weight loss.

teavery tea club monthly subscription

My tea flavor recommendations

Teavery’s subscription service is like Birchbox or Barkbox for tea lovers. I get to try multiple types of tea and it’s cheaper than other tea sites. You know I love myself a bargain. Teavery’s variety also gives me tea for every occasion. We’re all multifaceted individuals so green tea won’t serve all of your purposes. I like to sip on a cup of chamomile tea when bed time is approaching. It feels like Christmas when you receive the package on your doorstep every month. In fact, if Christmas in a cup is what you are looking for – I would highly suggest the honey chai tea from Teavery.

Don’t drink tea for the weight loss benefits. Drink tea to slow down. Drink tea to appreciate the moment. Drink tea to warm your tummy and your heart. Drink to refresh yourself after a hike. Drink tea for a better life.

And you automatically get free shipping for orders over $15!


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