Breaking away from my desk; OOTD

People never tell you that working from home is harder than it sounds. Yes, not having to put on real work clothes is a plus, and so is the ability to multitask. But, you can never escape the office. Literally from my bed I am staring and my work desk. Because I no longer see my co-workers daily, I feel like I have to constantly be online in order to prove I am working and that I am not just off at Disneyland or something. That being said, I rarely take lunch breaks.

Breaking away from my desk

I am the stereotypical American workaholic. Well, not entirely, I really do know how to enjoy my off hours (hello, Netflix). But, I would rather eat lunch at my desk in case something happened rather than taking a plate to the kitchen table and disconnecting for a bit. My co-worker, who pinged me during my lunch hours noticed I was still on, goes “Why don’t you go to the gym or something?” My first thought is: “There’s not nearly enough time.” But why do I need to go for more than an hour? Well between changing, driving, showering and all that, it’s more than an hour but there are places we can make up for that.

athleisure fitness tea office exerciseteavery tea steeper bottle

Rather than my usual post-work workout, I’ve been spending about 45 minutes at the gym during lunch hours. It’s nice, because there aren’t too many people in yet and most of them are older, much older. Because I am not there very long, I don’t get bored. I work harder because I know I have limited time. I also come back to my desk feeling refreshed after a mid day shower. A benefit I never indulged in while working in the office.

athleisure fitness tea office exercise desk

So this is my message to you: Even if you can’t break away from your norm for very long, do it anyway. Your body and mind will thank you later.

Ps. This neat tea steeper also doubles as a water bottle. I just poured cold water into some already-soaked tea leaves to get a refreshing light green tea.

Workout OOTD:

Neon running shoes – Nike – $50

“Just Do it” black leggings – Nike – $20

Purple crop t-shirt – Nike – $10

Blue-green Mens hoodie – Old Navy – $30

Orange sunglasses – EXPRESS – $25

Tea┬ásteeper bottle – Teavery blends – gift


Outfit total: about $135

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