Exploring with B; Newport Beach, CA

Lately I have been feeling a lot of pressure to get out and “live my life.” Whatever that means, I guess it is a form of FOMO (fear of missing out). Except, I don’t really do things with people it’s just going out and doing them because I want to. I think a lot of it also comes from getting engaged. At some point I realized my future is starting to take shape and I wont be able to just take off for a weekend without it being REALLY expensive or just not possible. Thank you wedding debt, homeowner debt, and future child rearing costs

plus size newport beach ca bikini bianca karina

This has me feeling the pressure. I won’t be this young and “carefree” forever. So am I not taking advantage of it? That is why for Labor Day weekend this year, I spent a little too much on booking an Airbnb just 20 minutes from my apartment. Yup, I paid holiday travel prices to stay 20 minutes from my apartment I already pay rent for.

See, since moving from San Diego I have been missing my proximity to the beach, like a lot. I am technically still close, I mean Newport Beach is only 20 minutes away after all. But the atmosphere is different. The whole experience is different.

plus size newport beach ca bikini bianca karina

Between the Fatkini movement and the Curvykini movement, full figured women are embracing their bodies again, and embracing them at the beach. Victoria’s Secret might be killing their adult bikini line, but more curvy swim suit retailers are emerging to fill that void. As a good bye to summer, I spent a whole two days enjoying every lump and bump on my body out for all of Newport to see. I even took pictures! I never take bikini pictures, partially because it’s hard for me to look at myself as is, without the ability to pose or suck it in. Am I alone on this?  There’s something so much more…finite.. about seeing yourself captured in time.

plus size newport beach ca bikini bianca karina

Some people will see these images and say “you are glorifying obesity.” If having a beach day like anyone else this summer is “glorifying” anything, it’s glorifying every individual’s right to enjoy their life. There’s this strange notion that plus size humans, curvy women, fat and obese individuals are all hiding in their rooms until the day they emerge a skinny “beautiful” butterfly. That couldn’t be more wrong.

plus size newport beach ca bikini bianca karina

The thing about body positivity, body love, and body acceptance is that even if you are a work in progress, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the moment. In between everything going on in the world, aren’t we allowed to have fun in the sun before we crawl back beneath our pea coats and scarves? I say yes. There’s no reason to always be waiting until you lose 5 pounds, or lose your baby weight, or get a 6-pack. Enjoy a little Newport Beach vacation right now!

Newport Beach, California was such a lovely place to visit.  We stayed in Balboa Peninsula which was a thin little thing that bridges you to the more exciting Balboa island that you can ferry to for just a dollar. You can get anywhere by beach cruiser. Which I highly recommend bringing your own because parking is pretty hard to get and pretty pricey. A lot of the parking lots were $1.50 an hour and were only until certain times.

Every body beach

The fiance and I packed up our beach cruisers and used them all weekend to bop around to Cabo Cantina (the Mexican bar with MEGA margaritas), the pier that had a really cool shipwreck exhibit (showcasing the science behind shipwrecks and treasure), and piers where families spend all day fishing for mackerel.

Our Airbnb was quaint. Small, but just what we needed with a bed a small kitchen and a private bathroom. This room was right on the bike path and across from a small field separating us from the beach. This was great because we had brought our dog, Bruno for a mini vacation as well. What is Labor Day if we don’t let our dogs indulge in the fun too? Ever heard the phrase “work like a dog so my dog can live like a king?” In the morning I would let him run around the field while the fiance slept in. It was the perfect relaxing weekend we needed after weeks of long hours in the office.

plus size newport beach ca bikini bianca karina

We spent an hour just letting the waves crash over us. Diving under the rippling behemoths coming from the ocean that sent the small children sliding up to shore. It was a blast to enjoy judgement-free fun. Both figuratively and literally I felt weightless floating in the ocean.

I may have pandered around the edges of the water with photographing my body in a bikini, this trip I jumped feet first, with video! I whipped out the camera and did a little documentation of my Labor Day weekend and beach vacation. Take a look:

Exploring with B: Newport Beach, CA


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    1. Of course. It’s so important that we don’t wait until we’ve lost 20 lbs, or grow our hair out, or have achieved certain things in order to enjoy our days. I had such a great time in Newport. I never thought such a quaint little beach town could provide a haven away from home. Yet so close.

  1. I’m so glad you made it to Balboa! Sorry that we could never connect while I was there! My grandparents live on Balboa Island. Next time I’m in town, you’ll get an invite!

    1. You were inspiration for my Labor Day travels though! It’s so cute there. Also, I had no idea that Arrested Development was based on Balboa Island

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