Fall hues in boho summer cuts; OOTD

It may be turning into Fall every where else in the US, but in the Los Angeles area, it’s still 90 degrees every day. This season I expect to be doing a lot of fall colors and hues, in summer cuts. The draw back of living where people vacation is that you don’t get to return to the rain, mist, fog, or thunderstorms that appear everywhere else. Ok, yes, I sound like a cynic. But once you go from having season to essentially just having summer and spring all year long…it gets old and you start to miss it. Take it from me, I started with 18 years under my belt growing up in Seattle then moved my but to sunny Southern California.

Fall hues in boho summer cuts

brown boho cutout shirt plus size thighsBoho cutout urban outfittersbrown boho cutout shirt plus size thighs

This season I am seeing myself dabbling in a lot of mustard and rich browns. Last year I was obsessed with burgundy, and I still am, but I need something new. This outfit features parts that are plus size and others that are straight size. This look is pretty standard, denim shorts and a blouse, but I really wanted to play into the bohemian print on the pocket with a bohemian shape in the blouse.

brown boho cutout shirt plus size thighsbrown boho cutout shirt plus size thighsbrown boho cutout shirt plus size thighs

I was visiting Chapman University with my cousin who had originally though about attending. There is something hopeful about visiting colleges. Maybe because I miss school, but it’s refreshing to see young adults entering one of the most prominent times of their lives. Here, they will be shaping their future, gaining knowledge and becoming the adults that they will raise their children as, work with colleagues as. They are shaping ad campaigns, working on government projects, writing poetry and literature. It’s refreshing. Ok, reading that, I guess I wanted to feel like my college self again. I mean, after all, college is where I discovered my love for writing, a voice, and began blogging about my experience with body image, food, and traveling.

Note: I did cut off about an inch on the shorts because of the age-old-debacle of plus size clothing…Just because I am a bigger size, does not mean that I am also tall. I bought these shorts about 3 years ago, so chances are they don’t sell them anymore. You can view other pairs of forever21 plus shorts here.

PSOOTD details:
Metal tasseled sandals – Nordstrom Rack – $15Acid wash plus size denim shorts – Forever21+ – $25

Green beaded “wander” bracelet – Often Wander – $25

Brown boho cut-out floral blouse – Urban Outfitters – $30

Gold tribal necklace – H&M – $5

Clubmaster style glasses – Firmoo optical – $30

Brown satchel – Sicilian flea market – 20 euros


Outfit total: abou $170


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southern california boho fall outfit



  1. I sooo get you on the size part. Brands automatically assume that if you are a bigger size, you will also be tall 😡 But anyways, I love love the top you are wearing. I have been gravitating towards mustard/yellow this year and it’s so exciting to see such beautiful pieces in these colors. You look gorgeous Bianca. Have a great day! <3

    Monika | http://www.palateforstyle.com

    1. Thanks monika. Agreed! I’m obsessed with mustard. In fact, i’m really drawn to colors i thought were ugly in the past right now. Seriously though, whats up with plus size shorts and even dresses always running half way down my leg? If i wanted a capris pant or Bermuda short then I would buy them.

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