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Blackout tights are hard to come by even when you are straight size. Imagine being plus size and having all black tights actually be as sheer as Vanessa Abram’s dress at the Snow Flake ball. I knew the minute that I hit “submit” for my plane tickets to New York City, I needed to invest in a pair of tights. These tights need to keep me warm, look cute under my winter dresses, and be comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to withstand running to catch a subway.

I gave Just My Size blackout tights a try this week as a test run to see if it’s a contender for my NYC trip.

The pros about the Just My Size blackout tights:

  • Good leg coverage – especially when you have thunder thighs, this can be hard to find.
  • Soft comfortable fabric – It’s not itchy or restrictive!
  • The comfort control top – extends past the belly button and has great muffin-top coverage.

1x-black-tights plus-size-opaque-tights

The real test came when I wore these tights on the first real rainy day in Orange County. It was wet, muddy, slightly muggy, and windy. These tights needed to stay dry without losing its integrity. Huzzah! It withstood an evening of pumpkin hunting, barn animal feeding, and hay barrel jumping.


Soft black tights Just My Size

Since moving to Southern California, a lot of my holiday traditions have changed. One of the biggest changes has been: Halloween. I used to carve a pumpkin by the second week of October and have that baby glow all the way through the 31st. Because Orange County is so hot and muggy all year round, jack-o-lanterns turn to mush by the third night. Now, it feels like Halloween is only a week-long ordeal. Rather than picking up a pumpkin from the store, I go big by hitting the pumpkin patch.

Yes, pumpkin patch pumpkins cost a bit more. I think I paid $13 for one that would have costed like $6 at a Ralphs. But, when I pay a little extra for these things I feel like I’m supporting a dying culture. As long as people like me continue to adventure to pumpkin patches, future generations can too.


Fall fashion doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. If you are looking for all over coverage, a flexible waistband, and durable fabric (enough to withstand moderate chub rub) I would suggest giving the Just My Size blackout tight a try. Now, in terms of longterm wear and tear on the inner thigh area, I can’t speak of quite yet. But, I will give you an update after a run around Brooklyn with them.

BROOKLYN UPDATE: These tights held up great after a whole day of walking around Central Park! They did become slightly uncomfortable by dinner time and 22k steps in, where my inner thighs were dying for a break.

OOTD Details

Combat boots – gift

Blackout tights – Just My Size – gift

Striped bodycon dress – Zara – $20

Plus Size Drawstring Jacket in Olive green – Forever21 plus – $30

Orange leather hand embossed satchel – Boutique store in Mostar – 30 euros

Green frog children’s umbrella – San Diego flea market – $10


Outfit total: about $110

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