Earthy fall tones in Forever21 plus; OOTD

This fall outfit is a great example of how fabric, fit and cut can allow you to shop in both plus size and standard. The majority of the look features earth tones from Forever21. The brown key-hold dress is a straight size from Forever21 (a size large) and the military jacket is a 2X from the plus size section.

I’ll admit, this dress doesn’t cover my posterior quite as well as I would like. Probably if there was a plus size version it would be more considerate of a woman with a fat ass. Alas, most dresses that do come in plus size end up going down to my knees. WHERE IS THE MIDDLE GROUND?

Earthy fall tones in Forever21 plus

Forever21 plus faux fur stole faux fur stole

The length of this Large straight sized Forever21 dress hits nicely on the front of the leg. It is about mid thigh when you sit there sin’t a lot of fuss. The trouble with a bodycon dress in this weight and material comes down to the back. Because I have a large booty, the dress comes up much higher in the back.

Unfortunately, this difference in length forces me to constantly adjust this dress. While I was traveling around New York City last week, I paired this dress with leggings. This brown keyhole dress was the perfect length to pass as a tunic.

Susu handbag clutch tech faux fur pink stole Forever21 plus earth tone fall

Pulling off a dress likes this comes a few catches. Because the keyhole is so va-va-voom and shows off the cans, it takes a bit of balance to make it work for day. The color of the dress naturally works as a day-time look, but based on the length and body-conscious cut, it kind of seems like something you would want to wear at a club, not on a lunch date in Santa Monica.

Here are a few tips for pulling off a too-short bodycon dress for day:

  • Balance the length of the dress with flat shoes. Opt for flats or go sporty with some sparkly slip ons or Converse.
  • Wear a duster or long coat to give you some safety in the back.
  • Get snuggly with some blackout tights to provide some coverage.

If you are feeling self conscious about the length, like I was, these tips can help you strut your stuff in your favorite too-short dress without feeling uncomfortable.

Forever21 fall earth tone plus size outfit Forever21 plus fall outfit Fat Ballet flat

I have really been in to earth tones this year. Last year, I was all about navy and cream but this fall I am loving browns and greens. Earthy tones go great with my warm skin tone. The muted greens and deep browns pair really well with the vibrant burgundy and maroon pieces I have as well. This makes fall dressing easy because most of my pieces are interchangeable.

Forever21 was one of the original inspirations for starting my first blog back in 2011. The severe difference in sizes in the standard large to a plus size XL was ridiculous. Even though the sizes aren’t always too different, the hem on the shorts were an extra 3 inches longer on the XL. Dresses in the Forever21 plus rarely went above the knee. Even if you go to Forever21 plus section right now, you can count on one hand the number of bodycon dresses that hit mid-thigh or higher. This is probably to accommodate a large booty, but for us with short legs, it just makes us look like little nubs.

You may recognize this Forever21 plus jacket. It was a staple for me while I was traveling through Europe. It protected me from the cold nights in London and Barcelona, and during the even colder days in Amsterdam.

OOTD Details:

Black pointed tie-up ballet flats – Target – $18

Brown keyhole bodycon dress (size L)  – Forever21 – $15

Plus Size Drawstring Jacket in Olive green – Forever21 plus – $30

Pink faux fur stole with pom-poms – EXPRESS – $30

Susu iPad leather clutch – gift (on sale for $48)


Outfit total: about $186

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Forever21 plus fall outfit

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