Thankful for the Body Positive Community

2016 has been the year for body positivity in the media. I am so grateful that we are meeting at a pivotal point in history. It seems like our society is a society in transition. We are struggling to progress together, yet at the same time we still fight with ourselves to uphold the status quo. This year we’ve made strides in equality and we are just grazing the surface of self love.

Without this community, I don’t think I would be able to wear turtleneck sweaters, grandma glasses, or mules without feeling self conscious. Thanks to the body positive community, I am more at home with myself and how I want to feel in my clothes, and not how people make me feel.


I battled myself internally a lot growing up. Trying really hard to look like the women I saw on TV, I’d do turn anything into a game. I wanted the tiny waist of Kim Possible. I yearned for the long legs on Sailor Moon. I remember turning everyday activities into workouts just to burn some extra calories and eventually gain that stellar body. You know the kind,┬áthe kind of body that makes a leading lady in movies.

I am thankful for the body positive community

That leading lady is a figment of a producer’s imagination. She does exist, but as a personality in all of us. This took me years to understand.

Who am I thankful for in the body positive community?

  • Plus size style bloggers
  • Body love social advocates
  • Curvy models
  • Plus size retailers

With the help of fashion bloggers like Gabifresh, Girl with Curves, and Nadia Aboulhosn I learned that dressing for yourself can change how you feel. I am thankful for the body positive advocates like Honor Curves, Jessica Torres, and Iaskra Lawrence that are bold and ferocious in how the unapologetically love themselves. Many thanks to the wonderful plus size models Denise Bidot and Bree Kish who shaking up fashion shows. Finally, I am thankful for the retailers that make plus size fashion affordasble and accessible. Shout out to Lovesick Fashion, ASOS Curve, BooHoo, and Forever21 plus! Our community is thriving.

faux fur pink stole

Right now, 2017 seems like a black abyss of questions. While the future is murky, I have faith that next year the body positive community will only grow as more people throw away conventional forms of beauty.


What are you thankful for this year? Comment below!


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