Turtleneck dress for the holidays; OOTD

You don’t normally hear fashion blogs telling plus size women to try a turtleneck dress. People say it isn’t “flattering.” I’ll admit, my chest does look like a ball sac, but does anyone really notice beside me?

With one holiday down, we have just one more to go of the holiday season. Christmas is coming around the corner. Myself, and a lot of others, are pondering on how we can take what we have in our closets and make them festive. I sometimes like to go the holiday sweater route, but certain groups of friends call for more elevated outfits.

A few components make up a good holiday outfit:

  • Loose fitting
  • Layered for comfort
  • Darker hues to hide stains

This holiday look brings together a cape coat I had in my closet with an XL Forever21 turtleneck dress.

Style a Forever21 turtleneck dress for your next holiday party avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dressavenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress

This dress is important to me because of two things: one, it’s a turtleneck; and two, it’s a Forever21 straight size. Wait, what? An extra large dress in Forever21? Yes, the Forever21 in San Diego’s UTC mall extends their straight sizes to an XL. In addition, Forever21 also has a 0X as the starting point for their plus sizes. How awesome is that?!

avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress

Even though my Christmas decorations have been up since November 1, and I’ve been listening to Christmas music, I still have not done any present shopping. Last year I did a stellar job and got all my shopping done before December. I raved about what a great idea it was, yet here I am not listening to my advice. Did I learn nothing from previous years of battling for parking at the mall on December 22nd?

avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress avenue plus forever21 turtleneck dress

Also, to note these knee-high boots are NOT wide-calf. I purchased these black wedged knee-high boots from Target last year partially because they fit. Originally, I had wanted to buy some thigh-high boots from Torrid but they had run out of my size. These boots have a scuba-type material in back that are elastic. That means they fit a wide variety of calf circumferences. Which is awesome news for my 18-inch calves.

OOTD Details:

Black OTK suede wedge boots – Target – $25

Rose turtleneck long sleeve dress – Forever21 – $20 (Size XL – get one like it.)

Brown and black printed tie cape coat – Avenue plus – $50 (Size XL – get one like it.)

Snake patterned belt – Banana Republic factory outlet – $20

Chain layered necklace – Guess – $20

Black Rebecca Minkoff “Jules” bag, Black,One Size – Nordstrom – $420


Outfit total: about $555

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Forever21 plus turtleneck dress



  1. Your chest looks like a ball sac, ha ha ha, you’re killin’ me!

    You look GORGEOUS, those boots are to do DIE for, and I like your criteria for the perfect holiday outfit: loose-fitting, layered, and stain-hiding. You’re a girl after my own heart!


    1. I appreciate all of the pencil skirts and belted outfits, but at the rate I eat and how many seconds I get.. any belted dress or high-waisted pants would be off in 15 minutes.

  2. Really laughing out loud at your ball sack comment LOL I have a short torso, long legs and big boobs so it looks like my boobs are slung around my waist if I wear turtle necks. This dress however, really suits you and works perfectly with your cape (which is gorgeous). I find lowering the belt around a tunic or dress or getting a drop hem style dress or tunic, helps with the proportions.

    1. For a long time I used to wear my belts at the thinnest part of my waist. Which is a common tip from “fashion gurus.” But what they don’t realize is that it doesn’t work if you have a large chest. I now wear it at my natural waist to help with proportions too. I wish I had a long leg problem, my torso is like half of my body.

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