Lunch at the Anaheim Packing District; OOTD

One of the coolest places in in-land Orange County is the Anaheim Packing District. It is also known as the Anaheim Packing House, and is home to a bunch of different eateries. If you have been to Pike Place Market in Seattle, it’s a lot like that. Only, the Packing District is cleaner, much smaller, a lot more ethnically diverse in cuisine and offers a lot of “novelty” foods. I do have some tips for how to get the best experience from the warehouse.

Tips for eating at the Anaheim Packing District:

  1. Get there earlier for dinner. Parking is limited and valet is $3.
  2. Don’t order a full meal from one place. Hop around and share bites to eat so you can try a little bit of everything.
  3. Wear something cute. There’s a lot of opportunities for cool photo ops, both with the food and even with the decor around it.


plus-size-fall-outfit-oc mustard-pencil-skirt-size-16

I love going to the Anaheim Packing District for a quick bite to eat on a Friday night. There is usually live music and the warehouse is a live. Beyond the novelty foods they also have basic Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine that satisfies.

What do I mean by “novelty” foods? Think of them like hipster bites.

  • Overpriced
  • Instagram worthy
  • Has some kind of shtick

For example, Snow Monster sells bubble tea (aka Boba) that sells in a cloud of cotton candy. The drink is about $5-$8 depending on if you buy the souvenir cup. Read Bianca V.‘s review of Mini Monster on Yelp

There is also a I Am, which offers shaved ice and other cold desserts with a little schtick*. My favorite item from I Am is the I Am Snowball which are little Trix-looking puffs doused in liquid nitrogen and served in a cup with a side of condensed milk. The flash frozen desserts gives you and your friends dragon breath. Is it worth $4? Debatable. Does it costs $4 to make? Not sure. Will it fill you up? Definitely not. Will it makes a cool Instagram bommerang? Yes. Read Bianca V.‘s review of i am on Yelp.Olive cold shoulder Forever21 sweater Forever21 plus size cut outsweater

Favorite restaurants in the Anaheim Packing District

My two favorite places to eat in the Anaheim Packing District are its hot pot restaurant and its super not-so-secret speak easy. If you are planning a Disneyland trip with your fashionable friends, venture outside of the park and to the Packing District.

Eat at Rolling Boil and order their spicy coconut thai soup base. You will not regret it. Even if you don’t like spicy foods, the coconut in the thai soup mellows it out to really add a punch. I usually eat hot pot at Little Sheep, which leaves me with a $70 bill just for myself. Rolling Boil is about half the price, but what it lacks in variety is makes up in flavor. Read Bianca V.‘s review of Rolling Boil on Yelp

If you are looking for a more intimate place to grab a bit and a stellar drink. Make a reservation on Yelp for The Blind Rabbit. It’s a small hidden gem within the Packing District that serves up 1920s speak easy-style bar. YOU MUCH MAKE A RESERVATION! And they have a strict dress code so keep that in mind. I brought my brother here for his 21st birthday and he thought it was so rad. As my mom and brother handed over their IDs to the hostess my mom goes, “they have to check your ID to eat hot pot?” –I didn’t tell them where we were eating — When the wall of barrels opened my brother goes “woah.” Read Bianca V.‘s review of The Blind Rabbit on Yelp

fran-lebowitz-quote-bag cold-shoulder-sweater mustard-pencil-skirt-fall

There’s no need to get dressed up to eat at the Packing District. It has very casual food and most of the restaurants are casual eateries with communal tables and buzzers.

But, it is a great place to have a photo shoot. Some Orange County plus size bloggers and I met up for lunch here to discuss the industry, business and the state of body positivity. The main topic, “When does editing a photo go too far?”

See my Orange County plus size blogger friends’ take on fall fashion:

Curvy Mod OC plus blogger
Curvy Mod
Cid Style File plus sweater
Cid Style File
Designing from my Closet OC plus blogger
Designing from my Closet

My OOTD Details:

Brown cut-out booties – Burlington Coat Factory – $20

Yessica Mustard suede pencil skirt – C&A – €8

Blue Fran Lebowitz quote bag – New York City Library – $15

Olive cold-shoulder cut-out sweater – Forever21 – $20

Tear drop necklace – Forever21 – $1.80

Orange sunglasses – EXPRESS – $20


Outfit total: about $86.80


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  1. Great tips on the packing house. Its changed a bit since it first opened 2 yrs ago, there is much more options now. I do love this spot for photos, had so much fun hanging out. Thanks for mention and taking great shot of me too!
    YAY for OC Plus Bloggers!! 🙂

    1. Maybe in a few more years the Packing District will expand or add a level! I really like that you can sample a ton of different types of food and not just 1 thing. It’s like a food festival all year round. Those cheese curds you bought were like little squishy pillows of gooey heaven.

  2. Novelty bites = hipster food? lol Too true! the Anaheim Packing District sounds like a fun place to visit for the day and sample tons of different cuisines. We just moved back to Michigan after living in Nashville for several years, and I’m excited to find new places and ways to spend the day around Ann Arbor. My husband and I love to eat and try new foods, so finding the best restaurants is an ongoing quest! Looks like you ladies had a fun day together!

    <3 Liz

    1. I just moved to Orange County so I know the struggle! The Packing District is by far my favorite discovery that was actually suggested by someone on Instagram. It’s kind of why i started investing a lot of time on Yelp. I was going to all of these highly rated restaurants and eateries and was so let down by the food and experience that I was like “nah let me write a real review.”

      I hear Nashville has some good eats. My friend just moved there from San Diego and seems to find some fun hipster foods.

    1. I have a Youtube channel that I share a lot of my travel tidbits on! I’m actually working on a video for the Anaheim Packing District so stay tuned! It’s such a neat place where food and fun come together. Here’s the link to my Youtube channel for now, you can see a lot of Europe videos on it

    1. It’s a lot of fun! The food is a bit pricey but you can grab a bite outside and just drink like the classy folks we all are.

  3. Oh that is some great advice, I will use that advice when I go back there. I really want to try the hot pot place when I go back and the speak easy! I don’t think I told you that I loved your outfit that day, I love the colors of the outfit! I really enjoyed hanging out and I can’t wait for the next one, I’m sure it will be a yummy place since your planning it! 🙂

    <3 Nina

    1. Ha! No pressure Nina. Thanks a bunch. I’m really into muddy shades lately like mustard and brown. Not even the pretty brown but the 70s shag carpet type browns. I am going to try a new hotpot place called Blazin Hotpot in Anaheim that I saw on instagram the other day. I’ll let you know the verdict!

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