Travel to Montenegro – Day trip to Perast, Kotor, Budva

The third country I visited on my Europe trip was Montenegro. After conquering the Underground in London, drinking my weight in wine in Dubrovnik, a day trip to Montenegro sounded nice. Through a guided tour experience, I booked a few trips to visit the neighboring countries to Croatia. The first stop with the tour group was Montenegro.

Upon crossing the border, you are welcomed with lush greenery, and the familiar smell of wet dirt. The smell reminded me a lot of home back in Seattle. It had been raining all day in Montenegro; but, being the spontaneous tourists we are, my mom and I did not account for weather. It poured buckets of rain from the minute we rounded the bay of Kotor all the way to downhill walk from Budva.

See my trip to Montenegro in just under two minutes:

Tourism is one of the main industries in Montenegro, and a lot of the tourism comes from people visiting Dubrovnik. That means a lot of the spending and tourist sites rely heavily on these day trips and cruise stops in order to fund the sites and the city.

Since Montenegro is such a small country it is easy to see a lot of main coastal cities that give it its rich cultural history. I highly suggest booking a day trip to Montenegro if you are spending some time in Croatia.

Here is what you can expect for your Montenegro day trip:

Visit Perast’s fake island and real island

The first stop on your Montenegro day trip will be to Perast. Maybe it was just my tour, but because of the rain we didn’t stay in the city but stopped along the sea coast to view two islands. Perast is known for its artificial island Gospa od Škrpjela, also known as Our Lady of the Rocks.

Travel to Perast

The story behind the isle is that two seamen found an image of the Virgin Mary and child on a rock. Every time they returned from sea, they would toss a rock in the water. Which eventually grew to become the only artificial island in the Adriatic sea.

See the old city walls of Kotor

I wish I would have been able to see more of Kotor. The old city was so beautiful. The grey rock structures of the churches contrasted with the bright green mountains that were picturesque. I really wish I had more time to see Kotor. I made the mistake of stopping by a cafe before heading into the old city which took up a lot of time.

Visit Kotor

When you go in to the old city you are handed a map with all of the main cathedrals and orthodox churches labeled. All you have to do is understand how to read a map and it’s pretty easy to navigate. Unfortunately for me, I’m not too good at it. My mom and I got lost and ended up having to race back to the tour bus, almost knocking over some senior citizens in the process.

The plus side, is we ran into this black lab who was romping around in the rain. He followed us all way back to the tour bus.

Party in Budva

I didn’t do any partying considering the tour was only there for an hour or so, but Budva is known as party capital of the Adriatic sea. In the summer, tourists and cruise ships flock to Budva for sun bathing in the day, and clubbing at night.

Travel to Budva

For me, the old city of Budva had beautiful large city walls. With all of the rain the old city was nearly empty. By the time we hit Budva, mom and I were cold and wet and needed food and warmth. Upon sitting down at a restaurant by the water, our waiter asked us what we wanted and my mom joked “we want fire.” The waiter walks off and says he’ll get it for us and my mom is ecstatic. She looks at me and says “Thank goodness he’s bringing a heater.” A few minutes go buy and our waiter appears with a bottle of clear liquid and two shot glasses! Whatever it was definitely made my insides warm. If only it would have made the rain stop.


Travel tip for Montenegro: You can negotiate with the tour group on rates when its expected to rain. Rainy days mean that people don’t want to do excursions so tour groups are more lenient on price. Our usual 400 kuna trip was only 280.


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Travel to Montenegro



    1. Oh if you like Montenegro, wait until I get the Bosnia video out. I loved Bosnia like twice as much. I had THE best fried eggs I’ve ever tasted there.

      2017 is coming up, it’s never too early to put together your resolution bucket list 😀

  1. Dear Bianca, glad you enjoyed our Montenegro, but you shouldn’t give false information about it.

    ”Tourism is one of the main industries in Montenegro, sadly most of the tourism comes from people visiting Dubrovnik. That means a lot of the spending and tourist sites rely solely on these day trips in order to fund the sites and the city.” – Montenegro does not heavily rely on Dubrovnik visitors, although there are people who go to Dubrovnik from Montenegro, and the other way round. But to say that ”most” of the tourism comes from there is not true. Montenegro now has about 3 times more tourists per year than it has residents, and has visitors who come here with intention, not to Dubrovnik. Also, Kotor was no1. city to visit in 2016. by Lonely Planet, so it hardly relies on Dubrovnik. Thank you in advance for correcting this mistake in your text, and I hope you’ll visit us again and see some other spectacular places, like Ada Bojana in Ulcinj, or the mountains in the north – Prokletije and Durmitor.

    1. Thanks Marko. That was a comment made by my tour guide. Maybe there was a mistake in translation. I understand a lot of cruise ships come in from other ports as well.

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