New Year’s Eve in a shimmering pink velvet dress; OOTD

Who ever started marketing New Year’s Eve as a holiday that includes a sparkling, shimmering, or sequined dress was a genius. I always felt that flashy NYE looks were symbolic of a positive, bright and happy future. Why are there so little plus size New Year’s Eve dresses to choose from that actually say “happy new year!”? It seems like plus size retailers are only just starting to get the hint that just because we are curvy, does not mean we don’t like attention or to be seen.

Let’s not forget that finding plus size evening wear is hard enough in life without a stigmatized major worldly holiday looming around us. Throw in the idea of a sparkling new future and a midnight kiss, and the pressure is on for any man or woman!

New Year’s Eve velvet dress

In previous years, I took my own New Year’s Eve spin on the tradition by only wearing white dresses as a symbol of a new start. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find a decent white dress during the winter time. Most evening wear is dark so I often struggled to find a New Year’s Eve look that flaunted my curvy figure AND was white. Who wants to think about what they are going to wear for NYE during July, am I right? Plus, by December, I could put on some weight (or lose it) in which case the dress is useless.

This year I am changing up my tradition a bit and taking a baby step into the world of flashiness, with a little shimmer! Velvet is very trendy in 2017. From body suits, to skater skirts, and rompers, it seems like you can get velvet in almost any form of clothing you like. So why not sport a shimmering pink velvet dress for New Year’s Eve?

Velvet plus size New Years Eve dress Velvet plus size New Years Eve dress

This plus size shimmering velvet dress from ASOS has a fantastic fit to it. I opted for a UK size 18 just in case it was a tight fitting dress. Luckily, I opted for a little extra room because the velvet material sits close to the hops and waist. Surprisingly, there was more than enough room in the bust for a woman chestier than me. I had to use a safety pin to pull the deep wrap v together to prevent the girls from spilling out.

Asos curve velvet dress

Sparkles vs. sequins vs. shimmer

The three S’s to a good New Year’s Eve outfit are: sparkles, sequins, or shimmer. Each style gives you the glimmer of a new future, whatever your resolutions for 2017 may be. First rule of fashion business, don’t try and wear all three of these together. Unless looking like a discoball rolled in Mod Podge and sprinkled with craft glitter than hung up with Mardis Gras beads is the look you are going for.

My thoughts on sparkles for NYE:

  • Leaves a trail of sparkles where ever you go
  • Allows you to mark your date as your territory as usually the sparkles end up on their hands and/or face
  • Has the tendency to look cheap

My thoughts on sequins for NYE:

  • When done right can look elegant rather than a 00’s prom dress

My thoughts on shimmer for NYE:

  • Very subtle compared to sparkles and sequins
  • Has a tendency to be more comfortable
  • Can be a bit warm if you are like me and run hot (especially when mixed with alcohol)

I’ve also experimented with gold foil in previous years. See Purple & Gold crop top holiday for how to style a profession NYE look with a little shine.

Velvet plus size New Years Eve dress Velvet Asos curve nye dress Asos curve velvet dress

Comfort is key for a good New Years Eve look

Last year I wore a sequined dress and I had the worst experience taking it off. Upon grabbing the hem and flipping it up to remove, the sequins dragged it bloody edges across my bare skin leaving a bunch of long tiny dried blood scratches for days into 2016.

This year, I wanted to make sure I didn’t make that mistake again. I probably could have saved myself the pain by actually unzipping the dress. But when it’s 2 AM and you’ve been in heels all night, who wants to wait for the zipper to come down when you can just tear your sequined dress off? Just me? Ok, so maybe I’m a little impatient.

Monochromatic New Years Eve outfit Dat booty Asos curve New Years Eve plus size velvet dress

But really, who doesn’t want to be comfortable and cute? I’m not even wearing control top panties, Spanx, or any shape-wear. The velvet is a sturdy and thick material so it helps everything stay in place. I think it even gave my strapless bra a little lift in my chest. Where as,  if you were to choose a dress that is thinner with more stretch you may feel a little constricted and uncomfortable after a few cocktails into the New Year’s Eve party.

Recreate this New Years Eve look

ASOS plus size velvet NYE dress


    1. Happy holidays to you too Ms. Dee! I like that this look is monochromatic. The bag and shoes make it a lot less girly. For some reason pink always makes me feel out of place.

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