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You can’t go through the holidays and head into the new year without thinking: New Year’s resolutions. Every year we begin the circle of getting our shit together and finally accomplishing all the things we set out to do that previous year. One thing is for sure, mental and physical health tends to be on the minds of many men and women. Like each year has told us, making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, or improve your health is hard to keep up with. With a Nuu Muu fitness dress it is easy to go from fitness and back to business.

Even if fitness and health are not your New Year’s resolution, it’s almost inevitable to avoid. With a new year comes a new me, right? How can we not want to kick off a new year with a goal to feel good about ourselves.

Nuu Muu Zen Ruu pocket fitness dress

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Make fitness nonchalant and easy

Weight loss and fitness is such a cliche in the plus size world. As a any person would say, working out and exercising is a natural part of life. Most curvy women who openly say they workout or are on a fitness journey are met with two responses. The first response is usually “Good for you.” The second response usually warranted is along the lines of “I have some great tips for you…” Both are perfectly fine responses but one is better than the other.

Most fat women I know that take into account their health and openly discuss it would prefer a “good for you.” The reason for this is because our body is our body and no one’s concern. Unfortunately, because fat women wear their vice around for the world to see, many people find that as an open invitation to give them unwarranted opinions and advice.We don’t want to make a big deal about our life choices, so you shouldn’t either.

Nuu Muu dresses have pockets

The easiest way for us to transition seamlessly from fitness and back to business is with clothes that can work for the office and the gym. Nuu Muu’s sweat-whicking dress has a large pocket on the back, makes sticking to your resolution easier. The large pocket in the back of the dress is discreet and large enough to carry a small wallet, your keys, or even your phone. As a woman, it feels like we never get the luxury of a pocket. Hence why it’s like the first thing we bring up if someone compliments ours dress. I find the pocket is useful when I am walking my dog and want to go about hands-free. It also is a great way to hike and bring your ID, just in case.

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Nuu Muu athletic dresses for yoga

Personally, I enjoy yoga in my Nuu Muu dress. The Zen Ruu black and white design goes with almost anything and pairs really well with every day clothing. It easily goes from the street to the meeting room with a quick exchange of a jacket and some heels. Ease and access makes keeping your fitness New Year’s resolution doable.

If you are anything like me, you will have a constant battle with your head and your heart to motivate yourself. The less you have to do to get yourself to the gym the easier it is to stick to your New Year’s resolution. Beyond snagging a Nuu Muu dress to easily go from the yoga mat and back to your desk, there are other tips to make keeping your resolution easier.

Tips to keep your fitness New Year’s resolution:

  • Make physical activity the first thing you do in the morning
  • Sleep in your workout clothes
  • Prepare your food in advance so you can indulge in healthy food while still being lazy
  • Plan your workout classes during your rest day
  • Mix active rest into your weekly workouts such as yoga, long walks, hiking, sports etc.
  • Find cute fitness apparel, like Nuu Muu, that makes fitting workouts into your day easier

It may sound counter intuitive or an oxymoron, but by putting extra effort into preparation you can be lazy later on. So, if I apply that to my fitness goals: I spend all my energy on Sundays to make food, lay out fitness outfits, add workout classes to my iCal etc. This allows me to spend little to no effort thinking about what needs to be done and I can just complete the workout.

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Body Positive New Year’s resolution weight loss debacle

A controversial topic among the body positive community is: How can you want to lose weight and still accept your body? It sounds contradictory, right? On one hand we have a bloggers, plus size models, and body acceptance advocates saying “accept your body and appreciate the amazing things it does for you. Then, on the other hand, those same body acceptance spokes people head to the gym and pay for personal trainers to keep them trim.

Body positivism is a a way of thinking, not a physical state of being. As a person’s body changes, gains weight, lose weight, the individual understands that their worth isn’t based on that physical state. Most people who advocate for body acceptance also strongly support physical activity as it is an homage to what our bodies can do. Body acceptance is understanding that there is no such thing as “perfect” and that it’s OK to just exist as we are.

Wanting to make healthier choices is OK

If you are plus size and feel like a hypocrite for wanting to lose weight but still believe your body is beautiful, don’t. Like I mentioned above, your goals and your body are your own concern and no one else’s. Wanting to be healthy even in a plus size body is OK. You don’t need to be skinny to want make healthier choices in your life.

For example, I have a pretty high risk of heart disease and have to watch my salt intake and continue cardio to keep a strong heart. Most people would see that as me being a “sell out” why would I diet and exercise if I appreciated myself the way I am. Well, it’s because I appreciate my body as is that I make decisions that help me. As you have probably seen on my Instagram, I still explore the world of food. Life is about balance right?

nuu muu plus size fitness dress nuu muu plus size fitness dress

Go from fitness and back to business

To make balancing life’s hectic to-do list, we need a wardrobe that can help us keep to our goals. Our work wardrobe should allow us to make it into the office without much thought. It’s an office after all, not a catwalk. Our fitness wardrobe should do the same but for the gym. Why can’t we combine it and take athleisure to a new level? With athletic workout gear that can also double as a office attire, we can hit two birds with one stone.

Nuu Muu’s collection of sport dresses allows us plus size women to get out and explore the world, comfortably. We can have fun, adventure to the highest mountain peaks, visit the beach after a run, or even jump on a bike because Nuu Muu is pretty darn size inclusive. Also with sizes like:

  • L(ovely)
  • XL(lent)
  • 2XL(lent)
  • 3XL(lent)

It’s hard not to giggle. Nuu Muu is a brand that understands plus size women just want straight designs in a size that fit their life and their life style.

nuu muu plus size fitness dress nuu muu plus size fitness dress

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is for 2017, be it fitness, health, self care, rock it. I hope 2017 is your year where you accomplish whatever you set out to do. Even if you fall off by September, hop back on.

When I started my first blog The In Between Girls my outlook on my body was different. I was very style focused, and wanting to share tips for curvy women to flatter their figures. No more. With Bianca Karina, my new blog, it is all about the wonderful life a plus size woman can live. We can dress well. We can hike, explore, and eat, and we don’t need to justify or apologize. While my New Year’s resolution isn’t so much weight specific, I do want to live a healthier life. A healthier life that includes more reading, less worrying, and eating good food.


What is your New Year’s resolution?


Workout OOTD Details:

2XL Zen Ruu pocket dress – Nuu Muu – gift ($85.00)

L Grey and orange cropped legging – Nike – $20

Yoga mat – Ross – $8


Outfit total: about $113

Office OOTD Details:

2XL Zen Ruu pocket dress – Nuu Muu – gift ($85.00)

Nude Steve Madden pumps – Ross – $20

L cuffed sleeve soft crepe boyfriend jacket – EXPRESS – $98 (Now on sale for $50!)


Outfit total: about $203


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Nuu-muu plus size fitness dress

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