New Year’s Eve in a 90s style slip dress

I got a question the other day regarding how to dress for New Year’s Eve when it’s freezing outside. My life in Southern California has left me a little spoiled. Our winters never get colder than the 50s at night and to us that’s the end of the world. I also left Seattle in my teens so I never really had the chance to experience NYE night life in truly cold temperatures. Luckily for me, being in Seattle for the holidays keeps me humble and reminds me how good I have it in Orange County.

I challenged myself to find ways to wear New Year’s Eve dresses with layers that make it easier to tolerate waiting in line to enter the bar. My first shot is in this outfit featuring a Forever21 extra large 90s sparkling slip dress. By itself the slip dress is perfect for a night out in SoCal, but not so much in the Pacific Northwest. To balance my bare arms and give it that hipster edge I love, I opted to layer it over a cropped turtleneck top.

New Year’s Eve in a 90s style slip dress

What an XL in Forever21 straight sizes mean to us plus size shoppers

This 90s style slip dress was one of the purchases I made on my eye-opening trip to Forever21. The moment I realized Forever21 was becoming, yet again, a game changer. While sifting through their straight sized clothing I noticed that a lot of the styles had an XL in the rack. Yes, and extra large was sharing the same wrack with the XS, S, and M.

In the past, Forever21 only ever went up to a size large. But even for adult standards, their large was really more like an adult medium. To see an extra large dress mingling with its smaller sizes was literally a moment of excitement for me. I got a lot of strange looks as I whipped out my phone to do an Instagram story about it.

What that means for plus size Forever21 lovers:

  • Stores are becoming more inclusive for sizing
  • There may be a time where plus size girls can shop with their straight sized friends without having to go to a different part of the store
  • Retailers are starting to understand that plus size women just want straight styled clothes in their size

Why is that last part so hard to understand? I look at some plus size sections and their cut, styles, and fits are so far behind from what is trendy right now. We can do better.

Thank goodness for socks

If you look closely you’ll notice little indents on my ankles. I have been layering up on the wool blend socks since the moment I landed in Seattle. My feet are not used to being so frigid everyday. Don’t even get me started on walking to the bathroom at night. I swear there is nothing but blocks of ice holding my house up because the floor is cold enough to shock me into full on awake-mode. As a result, I have dang near permanent sock indentations around my ankles.

I guess that is why colder states and countries have really invested in boot accessories like boot covers, cute decorative socks, boot liners among other things. It would be fun to explore a New Year’s Eve outfit featuring some tall wide calf boots. In fact, maybe I will try that in a later post.

By the way, I am also sans makeup in these photos. Huzzah to embracing the naked face!


A shapeless 90s style slip dress – is that a good thing? Or bad?

There are a few things about this 90s style slip dress that I LOVE, and a few that I’m not so sure about. First, the style of this dress is not too far off from the bandana style dress I wore on the 4th of July. But, because the fabric is much lighter it hands differently on my curves. This slip dress does not hug my torso in a way that says “wow” and it also doesn’t skim my hips in a way that says “mm curves.” But, that wasn’t the style I was going for in this New Year’s eve outfit.

I wanted to put together a NYE look that the girl who wasn’t too into baring a whole lot of skin. It’s also a different spin on a 90s trend to layer a slip dress over a long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. This modern turtleneck crop adds some weight and structure to a rather shapeless dress. I actually like that it’s shapeless. I am really embracing the Manrepeller mantra of wearing what makes you happy and not what others find “flattering” or cute on you.

This holiday season, if you are choosing to go va-va-voom in shimmering velvet, or just hip in a sparkling slip dress, be bold. If there is one thing I love about the holidays, it feels like we are wrapping a bow on gift to give away and accepting one from someone else. What’s in that box we don’t quite know, but we are excited and we’ll be grateful for whatever is in it. Let’s start 2017 with that same way of thought.

NYE OOTD details:

Jessica Simpson pale pink sandal – Nordstrom Rack – $20 (get a similar look here.)

90s style slip dress in gold – Forever21 – $25 (get a similar look here.)

Textured Stripe Wrap Front Cropped Tank – EXPRESS -$30 (also has a matching pencil skirt that I bought: here.)

Tear drop necklace – Forever21 – $1.80

Pink and gold gem earrings – Italian flea market – €2


Outfit total: $79.30

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90s style slip dress

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