Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina – Day trip to Kravice Falls & Mostar

Continuing on my #Eurotrip16, and my fourth stop, was Bosnia and Herzegovina. Never heard of Herzegovina? You are not alone. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was forged through the wars plaguing the area in the 90s. Still working on rebuilding, the country has lush greenery, beautiful landscapes, and rich history.

Through my favorite Dubrovnik travel agency, I booked this spontaneous trip to Bosnia. Because it was predicted to rain, we got a sweet deal for both my mom and I to tour Bosnia. Remember, in Dubrovnik you can negotiate the price of anything! So we visited Bosnia at half the price that we paid to go to Montenegro.

See my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina in two minutes:

Here is what you can expect on a day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit Kravice Falls

The first stop on our trip through Bosnia was the Kravice Falls (also known as the Kravica falls). In one of Bosnia’s lovely national parks. When you visit with the tour group, you will need to pay for a separate ticket to enter the park and walk down to the falls so bring some cash.

Kravice Falls

The Kravice Falls are well worth the trip. It feels like it is in the middle of nowhere but during the summer months it turns into a local hot-spot for swimming. While we were there in October, it was nearly empty with our tour group and one other being the only people to make the trek to the falls.

Walk across Stari Most bridge and browse the bazaar

The Stari Most bridge, also known as the Mostar bridge, in Bosnia is one of the most iconic structures of the country. The bridge is not only symbolic but has a rich history. The Stari Most bridge was destroyed during the war and was rebuilt by pulling the stones out of the river. The Stari Most bridge is now protected by UNESCO.

Mostar bridge

On one side of the bridge lives the Catholics and the other are the Muslims. Both groups are symbolically and physically linked by the Old Town Mostar bridge that make up the Turkish bazaar. The bazaar is one of the coolest shopping markets I have ever been to. The ornate glass lamps are the perfect gift to bring home and remember your trip by. Too bad I had already exhausted my carry-on luggage to the point of no return after downsizing in London.

Turkish lamps Mostar Bazaar

If you are visiting Croatia, add a few days to your trip and visit the neighboring countries. Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina are great options for day trips that give you a better look at the history of the area. By far, Mostar was my favorite stop on the day-trip tour. The lush greenery that surrounds the old town and the river that runs below the bridge make you feel like you are in a European fairy tale.

Just as we were about to head into the country we stopped at a gas stations with a convenient store attached. At this gas station I had THE best fried eggs I have ever had. In the US, ordering fried eggs from a gas station restaurant would be a terrible idea. In Bosnia, ordering fried eggs from a gas station restaurants comes with moist bread and sliced tomatoes on the side.

A few traveling tips for Bosnia:

  • Bring cash for impromptu tickets like the Kravice falls and mosques. Bosnia accepts three types of currency: Euros, Kunas, and Bosnia Herzegovina’s BAM
  • Wear comfortable shoes. The cobble stone roads and hike down to the fall is not for heels.
  • Walk to the surrounding areas of the bridge to get the best photos

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  1. I’m a 80s child so when I hear Bosnia I still think of a war torn country- ( wrong I know ! Especially when I know better as I’ve seen the beauty of it on the TV!) but this looks lovely ! So pretty and would be on my list to visit

    1. Hands down the most unexpected highlight of this trip. The cultural difference on each side of the bridge is astounding.

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