Short girl in a Tall skater skirt drop-waist; OOTD

This ASOS tall skater skirt drop-waist dress is so out of my comfort zone and unflattering. That doesn’t need to be a bad thing. See, this ASOS tall skater dress is in a color I wouldn’t normally wear. It is also in a cut I wouldn’t pick out for myself (drop-waist with a big chest is not a likely combo). The bow details on the color and on the sleeves make it much more feminine than I am comfortable with. Making this look somewhat of an experiment.

In 2017, I am committing to dressing in clothes that are not necessarily flattering, but that I think are cool. Recently, I had a friend come to me asking “how can a person let their belly hang over their pants like that?” Pointing to a pair of women at a an upscale mall, they were wearing cartoon pajama pants and spaghetti strap tank tops with their stomachs poking out from under.

Plus size in a tall skater skirt and drop-waist dress

ASOS tall skater fleur delacour dress size 16 ASOS tall skater fleur delacour dress size 16 ASOS tall skater fleur delacour dress size 16What drew me to this dress was the drop waist. After years of dressing in similar styles of jeans and blazers, I’ve been on the hunt to grow my personal style. It’s hard to develop personal style when you are constantly being push “flattering” cuts and shapes. Part of the reason I stuck to blazers was that it offered a structured look that outlined my curves in a way that was slimming and put together. That being said, it was VERY limiting.

Style doesn’t start until you throw out the fashion rule book

When you throw out the fashion rule book, you enter a world of personal development. Once you are no longer striving to look a certain way, you are able to explore your style. This drop-waist dress is a starting point in exploring life out of the “flattering” zone.

Since many plus size women carry weight in their mid section, drop-waist styles are avoided because it emphasizes areas that society says is unwanted. Oh well, screw society and let this drop waist highlight my muffin top.


Short girl in a tall dress Tall skater skirt dress Plus size in a drop-waist dress

AKA my Fleur Delacour dress

I refer to it as my Fleur Delacour dress. You know Fleur from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. The minute I saw the dress on sale on ASOS, my first thought was “that would make a great Fleur costume.” The color dang near matches the cornflower blue uniform the Beauxbatons wear throughout the film. All it needs is a cape, a little Hershey kiss hat in a matching blue and little blue booties. For now, these taupe DSW booties will do.

Big thighs skater skirt drop-waist dress Fleur delacour inspired dress Henri Bendel lizard geo tote

Make a feminine look, not as feminine

Dressing feminine is still a concept I really struggle with. I have never been much a girly girl growing up. When everyone liked the color pink, I liked purple. When everyone liked Bubbles and Blossom (powerpuff girls) I liked Buttercup. When everyone else wanted the socks with the cute beads and ruffles on the top, I wanted Pokemon socks.

So outfits and pieces that are in pastels, have bows, China-type flower prints, or are flouncy make me feel out of place. Beyond just being a drop-waist, the bows and flouncy skater skirt make this a very feminine outfit for me. To play down the girlishness of it, I opted for some large rimmed glasses in a matching shade, a structured dark tote bag, and a fur vest.

The fur vest was another one of those things where I was like “this outfit is a mess” but “I really like it with the vest.”

OOTD Details

Tall skater dress with contrast neck tie (US size 16) – ASOS – $61

Faux fur vest – Burlington Coat Factory – $20

Unisex full frame glasses in grey – Firmoo – $20

Lizard geo tote – Henri Bendel – $350 (get the studded one here)

Unissa Resie bootie in taupe – DSW – gift


Outfit total: about $501


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ASOS tall skater dress contrast neck tie size 16




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