Plus size professional in burgundy trousers; OOTD

Working girls need a wardrobe that makes getting up and putting your Boss Babe face on easy. Unfortunately, plus size women don’t have a lot of options for curve-friendly professional clothes. While casual dress has definitely evolved past the printed wrap dress, plus size professional clothes are still ions behind. Go into any Macy’s or Lane Bryant and I promise you that you will be lost in a see of grey and black suits.

Every working professional should have a power suit in their closet. But, what fun is it wearing a suit to work every day. They’re stuffy. They show a lack of creativity. Plus, they don’t make much of an impression in a sea of other suit wearing-pencil-pushers. This outfit features plus size professional duds from Old Navy, H&M, Sam Edelman, and Badgley Mischka.

Plus size professional in burgundy trousers

Burgundy and cream are one of my favorite color combinations. I have a more casual look with leopard print flats and burgundy jeans that have become a Friday staple for me. For the office, I prefer to pump up the Boss Babe level with some monochromatic heels. These Sam Edelman burgundy pumps have been one of the best purchases I have ever made.

As a short plus size working lady, it can be hard to find trousers that don’t drag along the ground. Old Navy has fantastic options for trousers that go into a size 18 in stores. Straight leg trousers are notorious for elongating the line of the leg to make you appear taller and slimmer. I like this look for the office because height is often equated with power. So any additional power factor I can channel in a meeting room is A-OK with me.

While the pants make me appear taller and slimmer, I am still on a mission to dress for myself. Exploring my personal style is a priority in 2017. Bianca Karina in 2011 would have passed this puffy ruffled sleeve, turtle neck blouse in a heartbeat. Turtle necks make my face appear rounder. Plus, the extra material on the sleeves are way more flamboyant than what I was comfortable with in 2011.  The detail in the top add visual interest to what; otherwise, would be basic and simple.

If a suit can command power in a meeting room, a puffy ruffled sleeve turtle neck blouse is guaranteed to command attention. A plus size professional boss babe can turn heads for all the right reasons. Show you are confident in your work through your fashion choices. Your suit-wearing coworkers will think “If she can pull off that blouse, she pull off this project.”

Unflattering plus size professional

When I hopped into the car with this look on my fiance goes, “what are you wearing?” That is exactly the response I was hoping for. Like I mentioned in my last outfit post, personal style comes when you stop following the rules. Old Bianca would have never worn this blouse, especially not with it tucked into a high-waisted trouser.

Why is that, you ask? Well, part of my old blog was a lot about helping women dress in a way that makes their figure appear socially appealing. Not anymore. This plus size professional outfit is the epitome of everything I would have avoided:

  • Straight leg trouser
  • Pointed toe pumps
  • Tucked in shirt
  • Ruffles

It all sounds like an outfit that a 65 year-old woman may wear to Sunday service. I’m embracing the ugly. Opening up my wardrobe to the interesting. Finally, doing the “Man-repeller” thing and not using “flattering” as a way to guide my style. Because at the end of the day, who wants to look back in photos and just think “I looked slim?”

OOTD Details

Sam Edelman Tristan pump in wine – Nordstrom Rack – $60

Mid-rise burgundy straight leg trouser in size 16 – Old Navy – $20

Cream turtle neck ruffle sleeved blouse – H&M – $20 (get one like it from H&M for $10)

Badgley Mischka two-tone bag – TJ Maxx – $110 (get one like it for $27.99)

Braided bead necklace – H&M – $5


Outfit total: about $215

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Plus size professional trouser


    1. LOL thanks Bettye! Sometimes it’s just desensitizing people to the idea that you wear interesting things and still look good. Of course, it’s all relative. There are some people who see these ruffled sleeves and are like “that’s so basic.”

  1. Are you losing weight? The entire outfit makes you look ten pounds lighter. The pants fit you like they were made especially for you. A very nice professional look that could easily be worn on a date night also.

    1. Ms. Dee I’ve actually gained weight! I think it’s just the nature of straight leg pants to make me appear taller. I do intend on getting back to the gym though. I haven’t been since December and I can feel my legs getting restless.

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