10 Curvy Women who Prove Fat can be Fit

People like to think that you can’t be fat and also workout and eat right. Bullocks, I tell you. The epitome of health is not a size 4, a size 6 or even a size 8. There are a ton of plus size bloggers showing us that you can look great and feel good in whatever you decide to wear. But, there isn’t as much representation for curvy girls in the fitness game.

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Thanks to social media, there is now more exposure than ever into the lifestyles that a lot of us “normal” people live. Many bloggers big and small take to Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to share their daily routines. Several of those public figures on social media, showcase that you can be fat and still fit. From being professional athletes, to models, and just plain gym rats, these women show that curves can be athletic and healthy. Here are 10 curvy ladies that are killing it in 2017 at health and wellness.

 10 curvy girls who prove fat can be fit


Bree Warren is an Australian surfer babe that proves that you don’t need to be a straight as a board to ride a wave.


Julia Parzyck is your perfect workout partner whose eyebrows are always on point. Join her fight against eating disorders here.

*insert inspirational quote about wilderness* 🍃

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Jess is proof that you can have cellulite, eat pizza, and still be a bad ass in the gym.

My last tough challenge of the week is getting through my year review today 😱 but because of all the extra hours we put in last week, my bosses gave us Friday off ☺️ But as a consequence to the stress, I'm now sick 😒 But not letting it get to me because I will be driving home bright and early on Friday 😭🙌🏼 I haven't been home in a year and I'm just so excited to spend time with my family and have a 10 day work break!! One thing I plan on doing is walking my pup , Coosa, a lot on my home greenway that I absolutely adore. I'll have access to a gym so I'll probably go a few times but I may just walk a lot with my family and pup. I know my body could use a break and I don't want to waste any time with them. I'm already kinda stressed about it because I have to bounce around between my dad and moms house and trying to see friends in between and spend quality time with my grandparents 😅 I've only seen my sister for like 24 hours this year 😭 Not nearly enough time!! And she's got some ambitious and exciting things planned for her future and I'm not sure when I'll be able to see her once she starts diving into those plans. So I want to spend as much time with her as possible too 🤗 As I get older, I'm really finding the value in experiences and people and making memories! I also want to really utilize the time well to plan for the new year. To realize the space I take up matters and how to positively utilize that energy for lasting and meaningful connectedness. This year has been a struggle but one thing I've learned is change is a result of dissatisfaction. You have to let go of the likes in order to find the loves. Let go of comfort to pursue challenge and positive change. Let go of the security blanket to allow yourself to be open, exposed, vulnerable, and emptied. Because only then can you realized that just "good enough" doesn't have to be your summit. You can arrive to your truth, your power, and your whole being can far surpass what you think is just good enough. You're capable of being MORE. Set those intentions on being a better person (not a better body!) for the new year, and let's make it better than this one 🌿✨💕

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Dolly is your friend who calls you up at 7:30 AM on a Saturday to tell you that she’s picking you up for yoga at 8 AM and you can’t bail on her again. Follow her on Pinterest for recipes and workouts.


Bo Stanley is a professional surfer and model. She is all about athleticism as an indicator of health and not size or weight.


Catherine Li is your girlfriend who always looks flawless, even at the squat rack.


Honor is the self love advocate behind #HonorYourCurves. Her 6′ frame makes her a force to be reckoned with on the track and on the mat.


Danika Brysha is the NYC plus size model, and Model Meals creator, with the lovable mastiff that makes us WANT to head to the beach for a run.

It took me decades to make fitness a part of my life that was actually enjoyable. For so long it was about burning calories, losing weight, “fixing” my body. And I now know very well that when change is driven from a place of negativity or self-hate, that it hardly every sticks. The same goes for dieting and so many other habits. When I started eating clean I started seeing food as fuel and was shocked at how drastically different my brain and body functioned. Those changes lead to many more lifestyle changes and fitness was one of them. I started seeing it as a way to clear my mind, ease emotional tension, produce lasting energy, strengthen my body, improve my focus and creativity, and elevate my moods. And by switching what drives this habit, from my old mindset that exercise was something I did to change a body I didn’t like, to now something I do because I deserve to feel, look, and be my best, makes putting on my sneakers or rolling out my yoga mat every morning MUCH MUCH easier. Hell, I look forward to it! – Thanks to @themovementmenu for a fun shoot and to @showmeyourmumu for making such epic and stylish workout gear and to @nike for these custom shoes that are too big but I’m too lazy to do anything about

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 Jessie Diaz is the plus size dancer that is making waves with more than just her body. Homegirl can shake what her momma gave her.


Georgina Horne knows what a pain it can be to get to the gym.. So she brings the gym to her. She’s essentially the master of home workouts.

These are just a few of the curvy women I follow on Instagram that give me motivation without even realizing it. There have been so many occasions when I have been 3 hours into a Netflix binge, scrolling through Instagram, to see one of these chicks doing yoga flow. Within minutes I usually trade the sweat pants for my Nike leggings and head out the door.

So while people like to say that social media is ruining out lives, I like to think otherwise. Thank you to these awesome curvy women who prove that you can have jiggle, belly rolls, and a double chin and still be fit as fuck.

Who do you follow on Instagram that gives you fitness inspiration? Comment with their Instagram handle so I can give them a follow!

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