A Casual Colorful plus size Valentines Day; OOTD

Valentines Day is quickly approaching! A lot of gals are usually one of two things, when it comes to celebrating the day of love. Either one is excited because they have a special someone in their life and can expect surprises, chocolates, and kisses. Or, one is dreading Valentines Day because it is a reminder that they do not have someone special in their life. Valentines Day does not have to be a day of mourning. Throw on your most casual colorful plus size valentines day outfit and head out for a day dedicated to YOU.

A Casual Colorful plus size Valentines Day look

Casual date valentines day Colorful plus size valentines day ootd Valentines Day Envelope heart clutch

Treat yo self 2017

If having someone shower you with gifts isn’t in the stars, show yourself with gifts. The show, Parks and Recreation had two special holidays that I love. The first holiday that every girl should celebrate single or not, is Galentines Day. Galentines Day celebrates the relationships you keep with your gal pals, your girl friends, your main bitches. The second holiday, and my favorite holiday, is Treat Yo’ Self day. Buy what you want, eat what you want, no holds, treat yourself like the queen you are. If you don’t celebrate it like fellow Parks and Rec fans on October 13th, make Valentines Day you unofficial “Treat Yo Self” day.

Valentines Day in lingerie

If you Google “Valentines day date outfit” you will get a list of lingerie blog posts and sites. What the heck? I understand that love and sex are a big part of Valentines Day. A night of wining and dining with your boo, candles, massage oils, it’s all a little exciting. Rewind though, how do you even get to the sexy part of the date when without first showing up to have the date in the first place?

If you are just casually dating someone and have committed spending Valentines Day with them, have fun with your outfit. Casual Valentines Day dates are some of the best to dress for because you don’t have to get excessively primped. Mini golf, brunch, beach dates can be extra fun with a little Valentines Day color. Nothing says “be my valentine” more than a colorful little heart envelope clutch.

Colorful plus size valentines day date look Valentines day heart envelope clutch Bianca Karina Valentines day date

Valentines Day heart envelope clutch

This heart envelope clutch is perfect for Valentines Day. This clutch is nostalgic of my elementary school days. Why is it that kids can give each other Valentines day cards, but when adults do it at work it’s considered creepy? I miss the days of creating Valentines Day mailboxes and candy hearts. I would always dig through the loot to find the one from my crush. Though, it never crossed my mind that my crush’s parents were probably the ones doodling my name on the cards. Now I get to receive little candy hearts from my one and only.

Instead of candy hearts with “I love you” on box, now I get special dates! I guess being an adult isn’t that bad. The hardest part about preparing for the dates my fiance has planned is knowing what to wear. Most the time, Valentines Day is a surprise. That means I don’t always know what to wear. Giving myself something comfortable and casual allows me to transition from activity to activity without looking like a doof. Who wants to go mini golfing in an evening dress, right?

Be my valentine Plus size colorful casual valentines day date Colorful plus size valentines day date

If I could talk to 15 year-old me on Valentines Day…

When I was young, I always felt like I would never been good enough for someone to want to be my valentine. A big part of that lack of self confidence came from how I felt about my body. I lived the first 15 years of my life thinking that until I lost weight, no one would ever find me attractive enough to take out on a date. Fast forward 10 years and I found a lovely man that actually wants to spend every Valentines Day with me for the rest of my life. I wish I could go back to my 15 year-old self and tell her not to worry so much about boys, or the way my body looked.

Every plus size curvy lady deserves love, and we can find it. If not from someone special in our lives, then we can find love within our selves.

OOTD Details

Hot pink pointed pumps – Boston Proper – $119 (get ones like them here.)

Distressed high-waisted denim size 16 – Old Navy – $30 (get ones like them here.)

Purple cable-knit sweater XL – Banana Republic – $20 (get one like it here.)

Camel trench coat XL – EXPRESS – $90 (get one like it here.)

White watch – Anne Klein – gift (get one like it here.)

Turquoise felt heart envelope clutch – Target 0 $1.50 (get one like it here.)


Outfit total: about $260.50

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Casual colorful plus size valentines day date outfit

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