Unicorn Milkshakes at Creme & Sugar – Anaheim’s famous unicorn cafe

A few months ago, I saw that Thrillist posted a video of the magnificent unicorn cafe. The video featured pink hot chocolate under a cloud of whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles. A top vintage tables sat purple milkshakes with ring pops wedged in the whipped cream, and unicorn bark, plates of unicorn bark. This cafe was Creme & Sugar, in Orange County’s city of Anaheim.

Traveling to new and mysterious places in the country and internationally is exciting. What’s even more exciting? When a traveler and foodie, like myself, has a fun and viral food sensation just minutes away from her new home.

Doesn’t this unicorn milkshake look magical?

Unicorn Milkshake
You know when you are knee-deep in Facebook videos? Where you watch one then it keeps skipping to the next? Soon, you are 15 minutes into Facebook videos for pages you didn’t even realize were relevant to you. Well, that is how I discovered Creme & Sugar, the unicorn cafe. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I was on Instagram, that I ran into the video of Creme & Sugar again. Realizing this whimsical looking drinking was in my neighborhood, I had to go.

The second most magical place in Anaheim: Creme & Sugar coffee and dessert parlour

What does a unicorn milkshake from unicorn cafe taste like? A unicorn milkshake tastes like lucky charms, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and small child’s laughter all blended into one. My first thought was “wow, this is going to be really sweet and sugary.” I am not really into deathly sweet things. Specifically, I have never been a fan of candy since it’s just solid sugar. But, a sugary baked good has to be my weakness.

There was one time I brought store-bought vanilla cake to a BBQ. My friend was like, we can go get a fancier cake but I specifically said no. The sugary frosting might gross other people out, but I could eat it by the spoonful. Creme & Sugar’s unicorn cafe offers a liquid version of my favorite sugary treat. It’s not frosting but it sure has the same effect on me.

Creme and Sugar OC

What!? A cool hipster-type eatery in square Orange County? The land of strip mall food joints. The valley of trust fund kids. Yes, Creme & Sugar, the unicorn cafe going viral on the internet, is in my backyard! Of course, when I realized that I gathered up my fellow foodie friend, Jordan, and we headed out to fulfill our 5 year-old My Little Pony dream.

A few tips for eating at Anaheim’s unicorn cafe, Creme & Sugar

  1. GO ON A WEEKDAY – The owner told me on weekends it can be a four hour wait.
  2. Get the rainbow cake – I can’t say from experience how great it is, but my OC blogger friend, Cidstylefile, said it was the best thing on the menu. Also, they run out by the early morning on the weekends, so get it if it is available.
  3. Order off the secret menu – You can get a unicorn milkshake (as seen in my video), a unicorn hot chocolate (not pictured), and a cookie monster milkshake (as seen in my video).
  4. Don’t hang out by the counter after ordering – If it is busy, don’t hover around the baristas.
  5. Consider sharing a milkshake – They’re really sweet and pretty big. I took a few swigs then packed the rest in a to-go cup. Don’t take their jars.

Unicorn cafe OC

I consider Creme & Sugar the second most magical place in all of Anaheim. Of course, the unicorn cafe is right after Disneyland (the HQ for making dreams come true). Out of all of the cool places in Anaheim I put Creme & Sugar fourth on my list. First, is Disneyland, second is the Anaheim Packing District, third is Arctic, and fourth is Creme & Sugar. If you are in OC for a family Disneyland trip, take a night time adventure for a unicorn milkshake. It’s the perfect ending to a magical weekend.

Visit CRÈME & SUGAR for yourself:

6312 E Santa Ana canyon rd.

Anaheim hills, CA 92807

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Creme & Sugar unicorn cafe


  1. Thank you SOO much for finding and posting about this!! I live in SoCal too and go to Disneyland all the time (going again tomorrow!) and am DEFINITELY making this a new stop! I **NEED** this in my life!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😝

    1. I’m a Disneyland junkie too! I’ll go just for dinner or to catch the fireworks. It’s not far from it at all and will definitely give you the mid day sugar rush to power through a full night of disney magic. The cookie monster milkshake was really good! Their cookies are bomb diggity. I need to go back and try their legendary unicorn rainbow cake.

      1. Same here! I love going for just a few hours and focusing on certain rides or dinner or the shows or shopping! I just love being there and it’s definitely my happy place! And now all this unicorn talk has inspired me to throw a unicorn party!

          1. I’m a pin collector! I have a whole board with my favorites and a baggy i bring to the park to trade. I’m sure we’ve crossed paths at some point at the park and never even realized it. What’s your must-have food item when you go?

          2. Aww, I think you have more pins than me! I never have extras that I want to trade! We probably have crossed paths!

            As for my favorite food…that’s tough because I have a lot of favorites. I’m known for getting the ‘Mickey’ special at Plaza Inn, which is a side of mashed potatoes and two biscuits. 😉

            I also love the swirled ice cream cones from Paradise Pier (CA Adventure, I know), the Lion King animal crackers, Mickey lollipops (that I lovingly call ‘Mousie Pops’), mint juleps, Monte Cristo sandwiches, and pretty much anything from Blue Bayou!

            And of course Disney hot chocolate which always tastes better when watching Fantasmic! 😉

            What about you??

          3. Oh man monte cristos are magical all on their own. I always get a corn dog and the sour balls from the candy shop. I found a whole collection of disney pins at a “vintage” store for like 50 cents each and have been using them to trade with cast members for better pins.

          4. Aha! So that must be the secret to pin trading! 😉 I just recently got into the corn dogs there. It’s always been one of my favorite smells at Disney (along with Pirates of the Caribbean!), and decided I finally had to try one. I was gloriously not disappointed. 🙂

          5. Yes, but oddly it’s a lot of people’s favorite Disney smell, apparently! And a fun tidbit: I started sailing tall ships and discovered that the inside of a ship (like where the anchor chain is held) smells JUST like the ride! Makes sense I guess!

          6. No way!? That does make sense. Now what would be cool if creme & sugar was at CA adventure but as a Wreck It Ralph themed cafe.

          7. Ooooh! That’s an awesome idea! May not be able to get Crème and Sugar into Disney, but maybe Disney could revamp a candy store to be like that! You should submit that idea.

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