Valentines Day date in a wine romper; OOTD

Being a girl on Valentines day is tough. Society has taught us that if the man likes you, he will ask you on a date. It also has taught us that there is a lot of expected from a Valentines Day date. If you do on a date on Valentines Day, you are essentially cementing a label to your relationship – wether it be at that stage or not.

Hence, finding the right outfit to wear on Valentines Day can communicate just how you are feeling about the date. Get it wrong, and you could be in for a very uncomfortable night. Get it right, and you can be smooth sailing all night and into the rest of the “relationship.” For those types of dates where the lines are ambiguous, opt for fun and casual rather than sultry, or dressy. In this case, I chose to style a wine romper! Rather than a dress or a skirt, this looks doesn’t look like I tried too hard to convey any particular message whatsoever.

Valentines day date plus size romper Valentines day date thick thighs

My first real Valentines Day date

I didn’t have my first real Valentines Day date until I was 18 years old. My first real Valentine was my lovely fiance. Yes, we’ve been together since we were 18. For that date I remember throwing on this purple and black plaid tunic and shorts with flats. My goodness, I was a wreck. How he didn’t think I was friendzoning him is beyond me. But we had a lovely dinner at a steak house at Alki Beach in Seattle. We were probably a strange sight to see among the people twice our age sipping on wine and nibbling on charcuterie boards. I still remember taking a picture on my flip phone of us kissing on the beach. Though, I lost that photo to Myspace years ago.

Back up all of your photos! Even the ones you store on Facebook. You never know when a site will tank and take all of your memories with you.

When a Valentines Day date goes wrong

Beside my fiance, I only went on one may-date. I remember a guy friend of mine and his best friend decided to get pho late night on February 14th because we didn’t have dates. I showed up in my high school cheerleading hoodie and leggings. How’s that for a Valentines Day date OOTN. I think my guy friend might have thought it was a date at the time. Because he was so deep in the friend zone, I didn’t realize his intentions.

It wasn’t until his birthday – which was a few weeks later – that I realized he might have thought otherwise. One of his friends made a comment at dinner when he had left that made it click. You know in those movies where a character says a word, and the main character gets throw into a tunnel of flashbacks before they have an epiphany? Yeah, that was it. Unfortunately, when I didn’t reciprocate, that friendship fell through.

Valentines day date plus size romper Valentines day date OC blogger


Sam Edelman Yates sandal

The wine colored romper is a summer favorite of mine. The straps on the boobs are very trendy since a lot of bralettes seem to want to encase our chests in a dark bordered outline. In case it wasn’t obvious that these are boobs, let me just draw borders around them. But, the real start to this look are the native inspired tribal sandals from Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman is slowly becoming one of my favorite affordable shoe brands. All of Edelman’s shoes have been incredibly comfortable to wear and have just enough detail to make them stand out. These native inspire heels will look great this summer for beach board walk dates, mall strolling, and grabbing brunch. The Yates sandal also came in a flat sandal and orange heels. Excuse my pasty legs, but in this case the orange heels would have done wonders for my winter skin tone. Alas, I don’t have many pairs of white shoes and I figured if there was any time to indulge in ornate tribal sandals, this would be it.

Valentines day date sam edelman Valentines day date plus size romperAs the great Gabifresh once said, “You can’t spell cellulite without ‘u lit.'” This gave me a good chuckle and made me wish I would have thought of that first. I won’t lie to you and say that this romper is flattering. My booty cheeks hang out the back and you definitely can see the lumps and bumps my thighs show off in all of its glory. To some, the pasty untanned skin would be enough to axe this look from their Valentines Day agenda. But when food, drinks and fun calls, why not let go of your insecurities for a few hours and just enjoy that someone wants to sit across a table from you? Wether it be your friend, your gal pal, your GBF, or your mom and dad, show love for yourself first.

OOTD Details

Sam Edelman Yates tribal sandals – DSW – $40 (get the black saddle ones here.)

Wine romper in XL – EXPRESS – $20 (get one like it here.)

Tan leather jacket in XL – EXPRESS – $80 (get one like it here.)

Pink feather earrings – Charlotte Russe – $3 (get ones like it here.)

Breezeway Bay Melinda nude and black bag – Kate Spade – $119 (get one like it here.)

Gold starfish bangle – Charming Charlie – $5 (get one like it here.)


Outfit total: about $267

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