Bianca’s guide to treat yourself this Valentines Day

Treat yo self. Let me start by saying, I am a soon-to-be wedded wife. I’m not trying to gloat on this Valentines Day, a day of love. A day of love to celebrate the person in your life that makes you happy. For me, Valentines Day is a day to celebrate┬ámy fiance and my chihuahua Bruno. We usually spend the day doing fun things like going on a picnic. In the past, we had spent our Vdays laying out by a pool in Cancun, and then in Las Vegas last year.

Since Valentines Day is on a dreaded Tuesday, we are changing it up a bit. Though, I did get myself a little something pretty from Oh La La Cheri plus size lingerie to make the night special. If you know what I mean. ­čÖé

Tonight, I will be whipping up a dinner for the boo as he will most likely be working late. After dinner, the fiance will go to bed and I will be left up to my own doings. So what will I be doing once the fiance is lulled to sleep in a steak and lobster food coma? Whatever the damn well I please.

5 ways to treat yo self this Valentines Day

At-home Korean spa day

This is my personal favorite at the moment. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I am a huge fan of MEME Box USA and all of their Korean skin product lines. MEME Box is not a subscription site. You can buy things as you please. ┬áInstead of paying $35 for a box of samples, MEME Box gives you full size products and 101 days to return if you don’t like it.

Korean Beauty box Elizavecca

I’m OBSESSED. What started as me “just trying it out” has turned into a full on must-do regimen every night and day. I even got my fiance to start using the spider and pig collagen foam wash.

To get me started, I purchased the Elizavecca box set (No longer available). I’ve even expanded to using the sheet masks every night. Use this coupon to get 20% off your purchase.

Book a trip for somewhere in the near almost future

With mobile apps like Airbnb and Hopper, there is almost no excuse not to take a vacation. I find myself often dreaming of foreign trips and adventures with very little show for it. The minute I start planning a trip it becomes increasingly easy to get carried away and literally talk myself out of booking EVERY trip.

Today, if you choose to do none of the things I mentioned here and want to go big, consider committing to a trip during an upcoming 3-day weekend. It’s never too early to plan for the Fourth of July or Labor Day. Book a cabin in the mountains and take a weekend hiking trip. Or fly to a new city and just explore what Portland, Chicago, Boston, or Raleigh has to offer for a girl.

Here’s a coupon to join Airbnb and get a head start on your trip. I was nervous at first but it is really easy to use and no different than hopping into someone’s car for an Uber ride, just instead you are sleeping in their bed.

Online shopping in Amazon Prime’s gold box prime deals

When I have a good day, I shop. If I have a bad day, I shop. Shopping is a great way to relieve stress has delayed gratification benefits. Imagine buying items you didn’t know you wanted at a fraction of the price because you scored them as today’s deal. Plus, because it’s through Amazon Prime, your purchases will be on your door step within the next day or two.

Valentines Day treat yo self

Gold Box prime deals are a daily and hourly countdown of specials you can get right away. It’s great when you are in the Target mood and just want to browse the internet aisles for anything that might catch your fancy. During the holidays, the Gold Box deals were a great way to find gifts for friends and family members that I didn’t know what to get.

No rules food and movie marathon

The best part about Treat Yo Self 2017 (or any year for that matter) is that you have no rules, judgement free, indulgences. Wether that is online shopping, or endless pampering, or just eating junk food on the couch. It’s your prerogative.

plus size pig out

Rearrange the furniture to create a new flow of energy in the room

This is personally a favorite of mine when I am feeling productive. Every once in a while I go through a giant rush of energy to purge my apartment, reorganize my furniture and adjust things on my shelves. It’s quite therapeutic to organize your life. On February 15th you will wake up feeling refreshed.

valentines feng shui

Self care is something I indulge in regularly. There is something especially nice when you can treat yourself on a day when you should be treating others. When you are a party of one, there is only one thing you need to look out for: yourself.


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