Winter LBD & why I hate wearing black; OOTD

Black is a staple during the cold winter months of New York and on the East Coast. It is not a hue you see head-to-toe on the golden coast of Southern California. While a Little Black Dress is a fashion must-have for all sizes, finding a low maintenance LBD is the holy grail. I have a spring LBD that wrinkles after like 5 minutes of wear. This winter LBD stays wrinkle-free and has pockets!

I recently found this long-sleeved black shift dress in Target’s clearance section. I’m not one to pass up wardrobe staples that can make getting dressed easier, so I bought without even trying it on.  Keep in mind I try EVERYTHING on out of pure laziness. Like, I am so lazy I would rather avoid having to muster up the energy and time to return something that I just deal with it now. I’m a proactive lazy person, an oxymoron? Yes.

Winter LBD & why I hate wearing black

bianca all black winter wear bianca karina plus size all black winter wear OTK plus size boots all black outfit

There are a few reasons why I love wearing all black outfits. The first reason why I like all black looks, like this winter LBD, is because it makes me feel no-nonsense. The second reason I like all black looks, is because it is relatively easy to put together. Though, if your blacks don’t match and you are OCD about it then you are hosed. The third reason I like all black looks, is because it makes me feel like a witch.

Anyone watch American Horror Story Coven? In season three’s episode titled “Bitchcraft” HBIC and mama witch Jessica Lange tells her crew of witches-in-training to “wear something black.” In which, every Wednesday when AHS was on, my girlfriends and I wore all black to celebrate the latest American Horror Story episodes. Hence, why everytime I wear an all black outfit, including this winter LBD, it takes me back to my bewitching days of AHS.

P.S. excuse my ridiculously messy hair.

all black winter wear OTK boots all black winter plus size outfitWhy, as a plus size style blogger, I prefer to avoid the color black

This is such a silly thing. As a plus size style blogger, I have a passionate dislike of outfits that incorporate a lot of black. Yet, here I am in an all black outfit; and in the past I’ve worn a few summer all black looks. Why would a style blogger be passionate about not wearing black? Simple, I hate appeasing the “black is slimming” cliche.

Not all women want to appear taller, slimmer, or skinnier. As mentioned in previous posts, when your main goal is to always appear physically one way — you end up pigeon holing yourself. You will never build a personal style if you end goal is to always look slimmer. Wearing only black will leave you with a really dreadful wardrobe. Of course, if that is your STYLE and then do you baby girl.

I’m not alone. See what Meagan Kerr had to say in We Wear Black.

Dressing in things that make you happy

As for me, I avoid black outfits because for years I was dressed in things that made me appear slimmer. When I was a kid, the goal was to have me in the smallest size possible that I could get into without turning blue. Then as I got older and chunkier, it was about finding clothes that hid my bulges, lumps and bumps until I could lose the “baby fat.” Now, I’m in my mid twenties and still toting my baby fat around like this season’s “it” handbag. As a result, I have focused on pieces that make me happy and not pieces that make me appear slimmer.

Bianca Karina plus size style black outfit Bianca Karina plus size style black outfitAlmost all plus size dresses come in black

I am very grateful that the plus size community is becoming more robust, inclusive, and visible in the fashion industry. When I was 16 years-old, the only plus size places you really had to shop at were Torrid and Lane Bryant. Neither were my style so I settled in to buying large clothes in straight sized retailers to better find my voice. When I was 16, I never noticed black clothing as being anything more than a shade you can get your skinny ripped denim in. Fast forward to 2017, and almost every store sells their plus size styles in black. I didn’t actually notice how prominent the shade was until I started strictly shopping in stores that sold size 16.

STOP WITH ALL OF THE BLACK DRESSES! A winter LBD, maybe two, are great, but I don’t want a whole wardrobe with nothing but little black dresses. It doesn’t matter what style or season, you can almost always guarrantee a black version of whatever you are shopping for.

For example, this Twitter user noticed that out of the eight dresses pictured in ASOS’s plus dresses, only three weren’t black.

winter lbd plus size bianca karina

Letting a cliche or stereotype from being yourself or dressing the way you want isn’t cool either. Just because how you behave or what you like aligns with how people think someone like you should be, does not mean you need to do the opposite. Does that make sense? I still struggle with this. For example, for my wedding I want it to be budget friendly. My fiance’s family pretty much is mandating it has to be done in a church. But because they tell me I need to, I automatically won’t. Why? Because I don’t like doing what people say I should be doing. Chock it up to 20 years of dressing the way society told me I should be dressing in order to attract a man.

OOTD Details:

OTK black suede wedge boots – Target – $25 (get ones like it here)
Sleeveless black duster – Target – $15 (get one like it here)
Long sleeve black shift dress – Target $25  (get one like it here)
Black metal braided necklace – H&M – $5 (get one like it here)
Victorian cameo ring – Italian flee market – 2 euros (get one like it here)
Outfit total: about $70


Shop the Look:


  1. Yeah, as a plus-sized woman I am challenged in finding colors I want to wear. I like muted “off” neutrals…blush, soft greys, creams, taupe, mauve…that are very uncommon in my size. Black, that electric cobalt blue, fuschia – those are the colors I see most in my size. As if, after years of dressing heavy women in only dark shades, brands are going too far in the opposite direction to give us COLOR. But I LIKE neutrals, soft earth tones, gentle colors. Like I see ALL THE TIME in straight sizes. But not so much in plus sizes. So yeah, the struggle is real.

    It’s getting *better* (“better” being a relative term), but the plus size fashion industry still has A Long Way to Go.


    1. YES! What is up with that hideous cobalt blue in stretchy lycra fabric for every “evening” dress. I love greys and taupe. Luckily, plus size styles adopted a lot of maroon and burgundy but there needs to be more neutral tones. I think there is also this diva stereotype that plus size stylish women are given. Where all of our clothes need to be as bold and loud as our bodies and, supposedly, personalities.

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