Flannel dress for Spring & OTK fringe boots; OOTD

Guys, I’m having some trouble coming to terms that winter fashion is phasing out and spring styles are making their way in. In Orange County, we still get days of clouds that fall below 70 degrees, but days are officially getting longer. When days get longer, hem lines get shorter. I need to reassess my wardrobe and add lighter pieces like this flannel dress.

Flannel? For spring? You betchya. I’m always a fan of plaid but a light flannel print in a dress is a great compromise between the end of winter fashion and the beginning of spring style. This bare shoulder  flannel dress is light, loose, comfortable, and best of all, soft! If you know one thing about me, is that I will buy anything as long as it is soft. 

Flannel dress for spring

Anthropologie spring flannel dress Anthropologie spring flannel dress Spring flannel dress

Flannel is a fall staple. It keeps up warm in the colder months and looks adorable on any woman bundled up by a bonfire. But what about flannel for spring? The material is a bit heavy, which is why most of us switch to light plaid shirts. But the pattern is a great neutral to add to a wardrobe all year long.

I was so excited to find this shift dress ON SALE at Anthropologie. When I picked it up, I thought it was one of those dresses where the lining was far too tight and narrow (Anthropologie isn’t really suited for thick girls). The flannel dress proved me wrong. When I slipped this flannel dress over my head and didn’t even break a sweat trying to pull it down over my boobs.

People laugh when a woman says “shopping is my cardio.” How true is that? Fitting rooms take a lot of work. Lifting dresses over my head, jiggling my way into trousers, and breaking my neck to figure out where the clasp is on a blouse is tiring.

Anthropologie spring flannel dress Anthropologie spring flannel dress Anthropologie spring flannel dress

Faux country gal in my flannel dress and fringe over-the-knee boots

I am not a country girl. But there something about wearing brown and flannel together that takes me back. When I was young, I used to be obsessed with horses. I would beg, and beg, and beg my parents to let me have one, like most little girls. My mom came to a compromise and found a friend-of-a-friend whose stable needed some help. Every few weeks I would go to the stables, pick up poo, and brush and wash the horses. I remember there was this one beautiful male that was all white with dark brown spots called Painter. He was beautiful.

Nowadays, the only interaction I have with horses are when I see police men riding them in the city. To avoid looking too “country” I made sure to avoid cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat. I swapped those cow girl essentials for some over-the-knee suede fringe boots and a felt fedora. I guess I am more of a modern-day fashion country gal in this look, than traditional.

spring flannel dress
Anthropologie spring flannel dress

Wide width over-the-knee suede fringe tassel boots

These Duke Faux Suede Tassel Knee High Boots from Fashion to Figure give me life! All season I searched high and low for some OTK suede boots that did NOT have a heel. What’s up with plus size shoe retailers that think I want to wear heels and only heels? Well, Fashion to Figure hooked a sister up.

Originally, I had reached out to Natalie Craig of Natalie in the City, for where she got her sueded wide calf OTK boots. Unfortunately, hers were sold out and the Instagram account for Fashion to Figure messaged me to see if they could help. First, kudos to them for their customer service. Second, how great is it that social media can connect you with brands so quickly? We weren’t able to find boots in that color, but I did find these faux suede brown fringe boots that met most of my requirements.

Keep in mind, the wide calf on these 18″ circumference OTK boots are way larger. The reviews on the site were right.

Anthropologie spring flannel dress Spring Flannel dress

With this look it was important not to end up looking like I was wearing a costume. The part of the outfit that laments my style is throwing on the faux fur vest. What makes fashion and style fun is when you can make it your own. Trends are great, and being trendy will get you likes, but what counts is when you find a style that embodies you.

OOTD Details

Duke Faux Suede Tassel Knee High Boots – Fashion to Figure – $65 

Off-the-shoulder flannel shift dress in XL – Anthropologie – $40 (get one like it here)

Faux fur white vest – Burlington Coat Factory – $20 (get one like it here)

Long gold flower necklace – Banana Republic – $30 (get one like it here)

Felt brown fedora – Burlington Coat Factory – $20 (get one like it here)

Orange leather embossed cross-body bag – Mostar market – $75 (get one like it here)

Gemini gold charm bangle – Alex and Ani – $38

“B” monogram charm bangle – Alex and Ani – $28

Black belt – ??? – ?? (get one like it here)


Outfit total: about $316

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