San Diego’s Carlsbad Flower Fields; OOTD

The nights are still chilly but the days are starting to warm up. I’m now trying to figure out how to best navigate this weird weather. Much like the flowers in the Carlsbad Flower Fields in San Diego. Because winter conditions have dragged on, even the flowers are feeling it.

On one hand, I am still indulging in my winter colors and textures. But, on the other hand, I’m leaning more toward shorter hemlines and bare arms. Those two don’t really mix too well. Last year I managed to get a grasp on summer cuts in winter hues, but now it’s leaning the other way with winter hues and summer cuts. How fun. Fashion and style is always changing and a challenge season-to-season.

Mustard and Olive in the Carlsbad flower fields

The resilient Ranunculus of the Carlsbad Flower Fields

Southern California is still cold. Cold by SoCal terms, means under 65 degrees. This winter in particular feels colder than previous ones. I haven’t been to the beach once this season. I think the flowers really feel the chill this season too. This was the first weekend that the Carlsbad Flower Fields was open. Usually making its debut in spring, the Carlsbad Flower Fields in San Diego is a sight to see. The flower fields are ribbons of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and pinks where kids and their families flit from flower to flower like a butterfly or bumble bee.

While most times the fields are brimming with flowers at the height of their beauty, you could tell that the fields were feeling the chill. Though the conditions are not prime for ranunculus growing, nevertheless, they persisted. If you visit the Carlsbad fields now, you may be disappointed with all of the green. But alas, beautiful things take time and these flowers are resilient.

Flowers do not compete with other flowers

We can learn a lot from flowers. Flowers blossom and wilt so quickly that we sometimes to recognize their potential or beauty. Flowers don’t compete with the flowers next to them. They bloom and wilt at their own time. Some of them are small and vibrant, others are large with brown spots on them. When you are standing in the midst of thousands of blooming buds you don’t see the “blemishes” all the flowers are beautiful in their own way.

People are like these flowers too. We don’t get to control where we are born or our circumstances we are born in to, but we can choose to grow nevertheless. The Ranunculus doesn’t halt its growth because the orchid is more refined, or because the tulip has its own section and neither should we.

Blossoming with body love

Plus size and curvy women are not lesser of a flower because they are not skinny or slender. Just because plus size women are advocating to be included in the fashion and media worlds, does not take anything away from skinny women. We are all beautiful in our own way and should be represented as such. Like each of these flowers, we are all individuals and together we make a beautiful world. Let’s stop putting each other down or competing with each other, there’s not competition. We bloom and wilt at our own time.

Carlsbad flower fields San Diego flower fields

Carlsbad flower fields in San Diego

The Carlsbad flower fields of San Diego are 50 acres of beauty where you can literally stop and smell the roses. The Carlsbad Ranch overlooks the San Diego coast and also has a special green house for orchids and “Santa’s playground” for the kids. Tickets to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch cost $14 to tour the rows of vibrant ranunculus flowers that sprout on the hillside.

Because the flowers had struggled to overcome the winter chill, we got a discount on our tickets. The opening weekend at the Flower Fields were half price since the fields were not entirely in bloom. We did have to walk to the north side of the ranch in order to find the blooming flowers. Our friend had a fractured ankle but we thought we could manage. About half way to the flower plots we attempted to flag down a cart driver to take my friend up to the northern side of the ranch. Charlie was cool and was able to take our friend about half way there before getting in trouble from the wagon ride drivers. Thanks Charlie!


Carlsbad ranch flower fields

Side note, if you see plastic curtains between the flower beds, it’s to prevent cross pollinating between the flowers. That’s how they get the concentrated colored areas. You will see some rows that have been contaminated and hence have muted colors like coral, baby pink, and light yellow.

This outfit is interesting because the top is a size small and the skirt is a size 18. Isn’t that funny how that can happen? There are a lot of factors that can play into the fit of a garment. Just because you wear a large does not mean that you can only stick to that size. In order to get the fit I wanted, I went down a size in the mustard shirt. In order to get a more comfortable waist band fit, I went up to a size 18.

OOTD Details

Mirly black glitter slip on shoe – ASOS – $30 (Get ones like it here)

Olive A-Line Mini Skirt – EXPRESS – $30

Mustard tassel blouse size small – Anthropologie – $20 (Get one like it here)


Outfit total: about $80

Recreate the look:

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