Black sheer lace Coachella style; OOTD

Coachella is around the corner! Musical festival lovers, I hope you have your outfits picked out. If not, I have some Coachella style outfit ideas that are fit for a plus size festival queen. While flower crowns are cute and trendy still, I’m leaving the florals for printed kimonos and dresses. This year’s head pieces will be jeweled crowns, headbands, and ornate head pieces. With this Coachella inspired festival look, I’m channeling my inner edgy boho goddess.

One thing about metal head pieces, they get hot. Flower crowns are great because they don’t absorb heat and actually provide shade. Sometimes being a edgy boho bad ass means you have to be able to take the heat.

Black sheer lace – a plus size Coachella style

sheer plus size coachella style Black lace coachella

Fat Coachella style trend: Lace

Coachella is known for their bohemian babes. I’m sure the dawn of the crop top came with the popularity of this music festival. Plus size music festival goers are often left with few outfit options. Why do plus size Coachella goers struggle to find festival clothing? It boils down to the fact that society isn’t ready to accept fat.

I’m sure this sheer black lace dress was meant to be worn over a slip or even a shirt-short combo. But the desert is hot and these rolls don’t quit! Building your personal style comes from how resourceful you are. In this case, I am wearing a black high-waisted bikini bottom with bralette.

Black coachella outfit Boho coachella outfit

Plus size struggle with Coachella styles

Beyond the fact that most bohemian styles don’t come in sizes for plus size women, there are biological factors that make Coachella styles a struggle. Hello, who has a personal battle with chub rub every summer? I do. Desert heat is hard to dress for and this is one of those occasions where a thigh gap would really be handy.

This look would make me chafe really quick if I did not take precautions. To handle thigh chaffing, I slather on gel deodorant on my inner thighs and wait for it to completely dry. This create a sweat-resistant barrier that holds up several hours. I use this chaffing trick regularly when spending long days at Disneyland.

Bianca plus size coachella outfit Lace coachella outfit bohemian coachella outfit

Several years ago, I posted a look where I wore a crop top with denim shorts and said “This is as naked as you will ever see me;” I guess I was wrong. As fashion has become more accessible to plus size women, there are so many more options. So, I revise my last statement and now this is naked as you will ever see me.

Thank you to my music festival friend, Jordan who you may have seen in my OCFW 2017 video, for letting me raid her closet for trendy Coachella pieces to inspire your music festival looks this season.

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