F21 Plus size Floral Maxi Dress; OOTD

About a year ago, while shopping with my straight sized friend, we were sifting through the spring maxi dresses in the new release section at the front of the store. We both landed on this floor-length yellow floral maxi dress that we fell in love with. Of course, I held it up to her and said “THIS IS THE ONE!” Knowing very well that the large size would not fit my ample chest, I was happy she could try it on. It was so our style too.¬†Our style is indie feminine hipster girl, so the floral print was spot on.

Fast forward to last week and I was killing time at Forever21 for traffic to die down when I spot a familiar print in the plus size section. I move the other floral maxi dresses away to reveal the same floor-length yellow floral maxi dress from a year ago. This time, the dress came in 1x, 2x, and 3x. HOLY FREAKING COW! This is what plus size women have been asking for for years!

Plus size floral maxi dress F21 Plus size floral maxi dress Spring fashion Plus size floral maxi dress

The state of plus size trends in fast fashion

It took this floral maxi dress a whole year to cycle into the plus size fashion racks. If that isn’t a prime example of how plus size trends are always one step behind straight sizes than I don’t know what is. To be honest, I am just happy that Forever21 gave us a try. They literally gave us a straight sized pattern, cut and style of a dress and made it available in extended sizes! That’s all us fat fashionistas have ever wanted.

We never asked to have the 70s couch print in tent-sized shirts. Plus size women didn’t want to have the only skirt length options be knee-length or maxi. It would also be nice if all of our shirts didn’t have the shoulders cut out. Alas, I’ll take this dress as a step in the right direction.

I repeat, all us plus size women want are straight sized clothing in sizes bigger than a 12 or large.

Bianca Karina Plus size floral maxi dress OC blogger Plus size floral maxi dress Plus size floral maxi dress

Nothing says spring festival season quite like a floral maxi dress

This dress takes me straight to spring and summer festival season. Whether your plans are to dance the day away at your favorite music festival like Coachella, or your local food festival, this dress is perfect for you. Its light weight material makes it breezy and non constricting. As a high-sweat individual I spent almost all day in Orange County’s 80 degree sun in this outfit and didn’t even get the dreaded back drench.

I’ve worn this dress twice now (yes, I did just buy it last week). Both times I have worn it cashiers have commented how beautiful the dress is. In fact, while ordering wine at the local dinner theater, I almost got a glass for free thanks to the boobilicious nature of the dress.

Coachella Plus size floral maxi dress Coachella Plus size floral maxi dress Plus size floral maxi dress

I’m not really a maxi dress person. I think I have only ever featured a maxi dress on my fashion blog once, and I don’t think I have worn it since. I think maxis are one of the most comfortable and low maintenance way of looking like you put effort into being trendy, when you really don’t want to try. So why am I not a maxi dress person then? THEY GET FREAKING HOT!

Yes, you hear that right. I once wore a maxi to an outdoor baby shower on a 100 degree summer day and I swear I walked away with a yeast infection. Maxi dresses literally trap all that heat between your legs and under your skirt, which does not make for a pleasant experience. I had the same problem during prom. This floral maxi dress is fantastic though because it has slits! The front is basically a flap so my legs can breathe. Hallelujah!

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