Sushi donuts & burritos – Project Poke food review

When I saw that Orange County had it’s own sushi donut shop, I had to go. While slubbing on the couch on Saturday scrolling through Instagram, I saw a picture of the infamous sushi donut. I immediately threw on some pants and wrangled the fiance out of the garage for a field trip to Project Poke.

Sushi donuts & poke burritos at OC’s Project Poke

 I consider myself a foodie. I like good food, new food, novelty foods, and ethnic foods. I’ll try everything at least once and a maximum of three times if I really want to like it. Sushi donuts are just one of those 2017 trendy foods that I had to try. At least when I arrived, I wasn’t alone in my millennial food level.

When I arrived at Project Poke, I saw a table of five or so people staging sushi donuts and premium poke burritos. They also had ice cream cups and cookie sandwiches being modeled by a girl pretending to eat them. I was eaves dropping on the couple in front of me as they too were staring at food Instagramers in action. The husband holding his baby goes, “those are what you call super bloggers.” I giggle to myself just thinking “Just because they have DSLRs doesn’t make them ‘super’ bloggers.” Alas, doing a Instagram search of Project Poke shows that a few of them are Youtubers and Instagrammers with quite a following. I had no idea I was in the presence of foodie royalty. One was actually a contributor to one of my favorite food sites – Thrillist.

The shattering truth about “foodies”

Then, like I saw my foodie dreams shattered as the reality of the situation became apparent. After a whole hour of photographing their sushi donuts and poke burritos, the food bloggers picked up their trays and dumped them in the trash!!! Without even taking a bite, perfectly good tuna and salmon just tumbled into the garbage. This made me realize how a lot of food sites are a lie! How are you going to feature food on your site just for being photogenic. We are creating a culture of promoting gimmicky trendy foods rather than delicious cuisine. UGH! I promise that will never be me.

OC poke donut

Project Poke sushi donut review

The sushi donut was the whole reason I hauled my fiance to Fountain Valley at lunch time on a Saturday. I got the combination donut that had both layers of tuna and salmon on it. The donut was about the size of a small bagel and cost about $5.75 – so I bought two. I held one donut in one hand to eat as I photographed the second one.

Pros: Pretty affordable and totally Instagram worthy.

Cons: Not made to order and the rice tasted like day old sushi rice.

Project Poke sushi donut

Project Poke’s sushi donut is a must try, once. Once you get the sushi donut fad out of your system, go back and order Project Poke’s good food. The sushi donut, while cool, was a bit dry and tasteless. They give you a sauce for dipping but it doesn’t really wow you. Overall, a very underwhelming experience.

What to order at Project Poke

Poke Burrito

The premium poke burrito and Project Poke is way better than their sushi donut. Their seasoned seaweed is a textural adventure and you forget you are eating seaweed. The flavor of the poke burrito surpasses the underwhelming experience that was the sushi donut.

Project Poke burrito

Crispy Spam Musubi

Out of the sushi donut and the poke burrito, the crispy spam musubi will change the way you think of musubi. I have made musubi in the past. I’ve had a native Hawaiian make spam musubi for Christmas dinner. But, I’ve never experience crispy musubi before. The flavor and texture is amazing and the price it’s well worth it.

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