Plus size bodysuit Coachella style; OOTD

I’ve shown you two Coachella inspired looks so far. The first was a very bohemian lace outfit perfect for a gypsy festival queen. The second Coachella look was more comfortable flower child. This week’s look is for the curvy festival lover who like a bit more city-girl edge. Plus, this music festival look is a little more trendy thanks to the bodysuit.

I like the bodysuit because it tucks in nicely into my high-waisted ripped denim shorts. There is no fussing around with your top coming untucked as you dance the night away.Also, the stretchy thick material feels a lot like a pair of Spanx, so all of my curves stay in place, except for my best friend mrs. back fat. But whatever, I look hot.

Plus size bodysuit Coachella style

plus size bodysuit plus size bodysuit

I’ve never actually owned a bodysuit before. Bodysuits remind me too much of my short-lived time at the ballet bar. Also, something feels weird about having metal clasps right by my hoo-hah and in between my legs. I have enough to worry about with chubrub and chafing, let alone what a clasp feels like in that area after 4 hours of walking…

Bodysuits for Coachella

For this festival look I made an exception for my plus size bodysuit lovers. While rifling through my festival friend’s potential outfits I pulled this bodysuit out and was like, “I can do something with this.” I wanted this Coachella outfit to inspire the more trendy music lover that doesn’t necessarily go to festivals but really wanted to see a handful of their favorite performers.

After spending shooting this look, I may have become a bodysuit convert. Lie I said, they kind of feel like you are wearing Spanx all the way up to your boobs. A sexy image, huh? On the plus side, my boobs look awesome in this thing.

plus size bodysuit plus size bodysuit

Summer festivals and chub rub

One concern, and I am sure a lot of my thick thigh friends can attest to, is denim shorts on hot days. The Coachella Valley in California is a desert wasteland. Where else would have land large enough for a festival spanning two weekends, that wouldn’t bother the neighbors?

Any one who has thighs that are best friends know that sweat and shorts, specially denim shorts, are not a good combination. With chub rub and chafing always on the back of your mind, it can be hard to enjoy the day with the rest of your friends. Wear this outfit with caution. I know I wouldn’t be able to pull this off for more than an hour, unless it was in an air conditioned tent with lots of coaches for me to sit on and pretend like I’m dancing.

plus size bodysuit plus size bodysuit

I hate dusty feet with a passion. The main reason I avoid the beach is because of that sandy feeling left on your toes after you have put your shoes back on. I’m also not a fan of this feeling when it comes to desert dust. Hence, comfortable closed toe shoes are my life saver. These wide, over-the-knee suede tasseled boots are everything. They give that bohemian vibe, plus make my legs feel a little longer and sexier. Best part about these OTK boots is that they protect my feet from the dreaded dust feeling. Though, calf sweat is inevitable. I hope you bring a good pair of tall socks.

My favorite thing about this look though: you can switch out the bodysuit for ANY color. It’s all neutrals so you are free to have fun with whatever bodysuit makes you happy.


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  1. Since you’re a thick thighed girl in a hot climate, do you have any recommendations for chub rub? The weather’s finally beginning to warm up in DC, which means it’ll be a sticky wasteland this time next month. You can’t “drain the swamp” of DC (eye roll) when it literally feels like a swamp outside…

  2. Caitlin, you and I are like soul sisters. My caption on my Instagram post this morning was about the silent but deadly thigh chaffing

    After wearing this look, all I could think about is after 2 hours of dancing in the hot Coachella Valley sun, my thighs would be a red rashed mess! Orange County is getting hot too. Tomorrow is going to be 85! Yay for pool weather but alas my thighs know better than to get excited.

    On my last blog I had a series on handling chafing but did not bring them over since my writing style had changed so much since then. But my trick that has lasted me through 4 or so years of summer Disneyland trips has been Gilette mens gel deodorant. This stuff is a life saver. You could probably use a women’s version too but my fiance uses this kind which means it’s always around the house. I roll the gel deodorant on my inner thighs and literally sit there in a birthing position until it completely dries. When you walk around, the excess with flake off but you will have a protective layer of sweat-proof chafe shield that lasts 9+ hours.

    Kid you not. 8 year-old me wishes my mom new about this trick back when we did Seaworld trips in the summer.

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