Coachella style plus size elephant pants; OOTD

When the sweaty hot months roll around, there’s nothing more satisfying than putting on a pair of comfortable breathable pants. If you don’t get why someone would want to put on pants in the summer, you probably don’t have to deal with chub rub. These Forever21 plus bohemian elephant pants are a real life saver during the summer.

Plus size elephant pants are hard to come by. You often see elephant pants for straighter bodied women. I once owned a pair of purple elephant pants I purchased while in Thailand. They had a scrunchy bottom and I looked a lot like Aladdin in his street rat clothes. Unfortunately, my butt outgrew the material on the pants to the point where the elastic wouldn’t give anymore. I had to part ways with my purple elephant pants from Thailand. Alas, when I found these plus size elephant pants with matching top, I couldn’t resist.

Coachella style plus size elephant pants
Plus size elephant pants Plus size elephant pants

Continuing with the plus size Coachella outfit ideas, this look is really for the laid back festival girl. The straw fedora keeps you shaded from the Coachella Valley sun and the kimono is light and airy. The girl who wears this outfit to Coachella is more into sitting back with a beer in her hand, bobbing her head to the music than getting in front of the stage.

Practicing safe sun at Coachella

Both the kimono and wrap crop top are courtesy of my dear friend who is a music nut. I rarely like crop tops that require a strapless bra, but the material and cut of this crop top could convince me otherwise. Music festivals are an easy place to over heat and go through the day dehydrated. It’s VERY important that you practice safe sun this music festival season. Coachella may just been a weekend event but dehydration can have weeklong effects. A par of large rimmed sunglasses and a hat can help protect you from the harsh sun.

Opting for breathable pants like these plus size elephant pants allows you to walk and dance all day. Yes, you may get a bit more sweaty but at least you have some protection from chafing.

Plus size elephant pants Plus size elephant pants Plus size elephant pants

How do they come up with plus size clothing dimensions?

I did have to do some DIY hemming with these pants. How the heck do companies like Forever21 figure out their plus size sizing. These pants were far too long for my 5’4″ frame. There was at least three to four extra inches of fabric draped over my feet. Using some black thread I did a rough hemming of the pants so that they just barely skim the ground.

Though crafty and affordable, the cut off for the hem happened right at the cream elephant part. That may not sound like a bad thing, but as a result these pants kind of look like elephant pajama pants. I also bought the matching boho elephant crop top. After seeing them together, I felt obligated not to separate the set. I don’t think I have ever worn the top because it is so small and pushes my chest down. So I have a tiny top and too-long bottoms. Also when you wear the elephant top with the plus size elephant pants, you look like you are ready to go to bed.

I wish plus sizes retailers had a more standard way to size and dress women.

Plus size elephant pants Plus size elephant pants

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