A plus size Cinderella Story in tulle & Converse; OOTD

What do weddings, Disney princesses, and ballerinas all have in common? Tulle skirts. My Cinderella Story starts with the introduction to Society+ tutu skirt collection. Nothing makes a woman feel more than a princess quite like a dramatic full length tutu skirt. But because I’m Bianca Karina, I couldn’t just style a white tutu or a pink tutu, I had to be slightly unconventional and picked grey. You know how much I hate black, but grey is my spirit color, the shade of my soul. You can ask my fiance, anytime he asks what color we should buy something in for the house I always say “It would look great in grey.”

Society plus premium long grey tutu skirt

Styling a ball room tulle skirt is a challenge for any fashion blogger, but when you are only 5’4″ full length skirts are hard to style. My first instinct is to pair my Society Plus long grey tutu with my 8 inch Jessica Simpson platform booties. Considering those are the tallest heels I own and the ballroom tulle skirt STILL touches the ground, I said screw it. I pulled a Hillary Duff in Cinderella Story and decided that Converse were the best option for this dramatic, elegant, and feminine skirt.

Plus size Cinderella Story Society plus premium long grey tutu skirt

You all know how much looking girly makes me squirm. When Society + asked me to pick some plus size pieces off of their website, I knew I was in for a challenge. Society Plus has pretty feminine items; lots of skirts, floral dresses, flouncy tops etc. But I wanted to showcase some more clothing options that us curvy women had that were not the standard Forever21+ and Torrid.

I decided on three Society Plus items that could be worked into my usual indie boho urban style. I decided on Society + Damask trouser pant, premium long grey tutu, and their Chicest of them All vest. When the package arrived I knew that the ballroom tulle skirt was going to be FUN.

How to style long tutu when average height How to style plus size full length tutu skirt

Honestly, as I was slipping under the satin lining and adjusting the five tulle layers I was thinking “why did I choose this?” Then I looked in my closet’s full length mirror and immediately smiled. Even with my hair unbrushed in a messy pony tail, glasses, no make up, and a college hoodie, the tulle skirt was enough to make my heart smile.

Bianca Karina plus size Cinderella Story Society plus premium long grey tutu skirt - grey

People who discredit the power of a good outfit don’t know what they are missing. Wanting to appear presentable, cute, or beautiful isn’t necessarily shallow. When you dress for yourself, the outfits you put together become an extension of your personality. A ballroom grey tulle skirt may not be “me,” but it makes me happy to see it trail behind me as I walk. That is how you start building, growing and changing your style. Because style is just that, always shifting. This is why stepping out of your comfort zone is beneficial to your personal growth. It helps you discover what you like and how you like it.

Buy Society+ long tutu skirt

Premium Tutu – Long Grey
from: Society+

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    1. Thanks! It makes it way more comfortable and casual to wear. Too many tutu skirt outfits are overly feminine with heels and bows but I wanted to change it up a bit.

  1. Such a great message you’re sharing today. I’m always scared to try out things that don’t look like “me”, but when my friends convince me to try them on, sometimes I really surprise myself. You look FAB in that outfit by the way, you’re rocking it!

    1. Thanks Ashlyn! I know that feeling! I have a friend whose style is so different from mine and one time I left her pick clothes for me based on her style. Most the pieces were a miss because she underestimated my proportions but a lot of pieces worked. I was shocked because I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself.

  2. You are a perfect example of Coco Chanel’s quote: “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”

    1. Thanks! Tutus aren’t really me but I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can style it with items I already had in my wardrobe.

    1. I love this top so much I bought it in white too! This tutu skirt is so dramatic and whimsical. When my fiance first saw it on the bed he goes “Bianca, don’t tell me you bought a grey wedding dress.”

  3. Oh my gosh….. I love this outfit. I feel like I can’t wear things this cute because I have about 40lbs to lose but you look stunning! Also, my teen daughter saw the post when I was reading it and she loves it too! Teen approved 😂

    1. Yes if the teens love it I can still be hip! You can wear things like this. I used to tell myself that I had to be a certain way in order to do something or wear something, but the only person that helps are strangers on the street. Life’s too short to keep putting things off. I say, start small and eventually work your way up. You become more comfortable with the stares and the attention as you grow into yourself. Playing dress up is fun!

    1. It was a toss up for me too. Blush is like the ultimate girly color for the ultimate feminine piece of clothing a girl can have

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