F21 Plus size jean jacket & lace bralette; OOTD

Jean jackets are my weakness right now. I’ve been struggling for months to find a basic cute plus size jean jacket that fits. It took regular plus size stores until now to finally get some denim jackets in stock. Good news is, Forever21+ has them just in time for spring. After rummaging through dozens of distressed jean jackets covered in emoji patches and cheesy spray painted words, I found THE ONE. The perfect little plus size jean jacket that fits my shoulders just right and doesn’t drown me in denim in the boob area.

F21 Plus size jean jacket & lace bralette

Plus size jean jacket bralette outfit Plus size denim jacket outfit

Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics and fashion staples you could possibly stock up on in your closet. Anyone who is trying to build a wardrobe should have at least one pair of jeans that make your butt look amazing, and a jean jacket. Oh and a denim chambray. I have like three different denim chambray button-up shirt that I have style a dozen different ways over the years.

Here are just a few denim inspired outfits:

A jean jacket is a game changer for my outfits because it adds a piece of outerwear I can add to my growing collection of denim tops. If you are looking to add a denim jacket to your wardrobe I suggest taking your sweet time. Right now, denim jackets are so on trend for spring fashion. They make a great layering piece over hoodies or as a casual coverup for a bodycon dress.

Tips for buying your first plus size jean jacket

  • Avoid “trendy” denim jackets (things that may become outdated like emoji patches). You want one that is timeless
  • Find one that fits comfortably in the shoulder, if you can lift your arms without discomfort that is good
  • Pick a denim that is free of distress so it can pair easily with a variety of your clothes

Plus size lace bralette outfit Plus size denim jacket outfit Forever21 plus jean jacket

Embracing my natural breasts

With this spring look I am fully embracing the braless trend. Going braless is usually something reserved for women with a small chest, not anymore.  The rise of bralettes has opened a whole new trend of understated sexy. Women are pairing lace bralettes under plain t-shirts, worn as a top with a pencil skirt, or just to hang around the house in. I have never had the chance to indulge in the bralette trend because big boobs are not support by bralettes. Pun intended. Without an underwire, natural breasts are subject to gravity and natural boob sag is not sexy.

WHO CARES! In the spirit of not giving a rat’s ass on looking flattering, I am fully embracing my natural breasts. Gravity doesn’t need to be my friend or my enemy. Now that I am embracing a Man Repeller mentality of fashion, style is developing.

Asos curve wrap tie skirt Embracing natural breasts

I’ve struggled with finding bralettes because quite frankly the fashion world refused to open this trend to us. I tried making an XXL bralette from Target work, but even that bralette outfit was squeezing my breasts and creating backfat and very little coverage. I’m so excited that Forever21 Plus has bralette options for plus size women. This bralette is a 2X and is a perfect fit on my 38DD chest. I might even consider going up to a 3X for safety.

Shop the look

Have you bought a jean jacket recently that you love? Tell me where you found it! Or did you find a plus size brand that sells lovely bralettes for busty women? Comment with where I can buy it!



  1. I love the jacket and bralette combo! There’s an element of casual, yet sensual that I enjoy. I’ve had a jean jacket in the back of my closet that I haven’t used in years, seeing this has made me want to dig it out to wear it.

    1. I love my denim jacket with high waisted black jeans or leggings! It gives it some structure without looking like I’ve tried too hard. Now is a great time to dig it out 🙃

  2. Interesting style! I’ve never been one for “trendy” clothing, but you carry that style quite well! The colors and design really fit well together as an outfit.

    1. I feel like with trendy pieces you should be able to style them a bunch of different ways as to not date yourself.
      For example, feather hair extensions were SUPER trendy a few years back and now literally no one has them anymore. But if you can fold it into your regular wardrobe I think you have a better chance and making it work.

  3. Love your style here and you look amazing! Trends can definitely be difficult because they come and go quickly but this style I think wouldn’t date at all.

    1. What’s great is that bralettes are a great layering piece! So even if you don’t wear them on their own you can still coverup and feel sexy with them under your clothes

  4. The bralette looks HOT on you mama! Also, you are so right about denim jackets. I love mine. I’m curious though, is it okay to throw them in the wash with other clothes? I don’t want to shrink or ruin it, but it’s starting to get dirty! :/

    1. Oh ya I actually think it helps denim jackets loosen up and get that worn-in look. My clothes have been perfectly fine. Just fasten the buttons before you throw them in or they could snag onto woven materials.

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